The Unsexiest Man Alive

It’s official, the news has just come over the wire. You’ve been waiting with baited breath(Think Scope!). The World’s Unsexiest Man is…..Gilbert Gottfried!!!
Some are shocked, I know. Others are relieved. Brad Pitt is safe for another year.
In related news, staff at a prominent dermatology clinic were shocked to note that a surprising number of referrers to their illustrated web site were redirected from Porn lists. Hmmm…Must be pretty hot. Either that,or the webmaster is having a little fun on the side. They said the number of hits on the pages of genitalia was “all out of proportion” to the other pages. Was it the “before” pages or the “after” pages, I wonder?
Sad to say, they didn’t give the url for the clinic. Must have been an oversight. I’m going to try Googling “Dermatology”, and see what comes up.
Happy surfing.


One Response to “The Unsexiest Man Alive”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You’ve got to be the funniest guy on the Web. And I really like your outlook on life.

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