Man Boobs

A couple of posts ago, I said I was going to research the dermatology sites, remember? Your fearless Ace cub reporter never forgets a promise.
Well, I found the sites in question, and I’m prepared to tell you about it.
I wasn’t going to post any pictures, because it’s kind of like posting pictures to a car crash. Even if they survived, it’s still just too awful(but just google “fat belly pics”, and you’ll marvel at the pages of goodies that come up. It’s like finding diamonds on the beach when you were trying to collect soda cans( a significant and underrated source of secondary income for yours truly, but don’t try to muscle in on my section of beach!!!!). where was I? Oh, sorry, that was a rant, wasn’t it? I’m better now, thanks.
Evidently all you bodybuilders know this, but there is an epidemic out there of an underreported ailment, called Gynecomastia. It mostly affects healthy athletic types, and it is a tragedy when it occurs. In popular lingo, it goes by a different name, the dreaded “man-boobs” syndrome. That’s a little too racy for me, so I usually say , “pointy-noopies”. If you’ve been able to read this far, you’re far too disciplined a person, so stop reading, go back to the pic, and just enjoy for a minute.
Can you imagine the frustration, the thousands of hours in the gym, all the sessions, all the reps, the blood, sweat, and tears, the countless hours in the shower( oops), and you Still have sagging man boobs? You can’t excercise skin into good condition. You can have a lot of fun with skin, but after you’re through, it just goes right back to sagging. It just kind of hangs there. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got awesome muscles under there, your skin just doesn’t care. Skin doesn’t impress well. Your skin should care about all those muscles and be a good team player and tighten up like the rest of you. But it doesn’t. It just haaaangs there.
Also, one of the caring doctors included a warning to go along with the pictures. “It’s not good to continually overstimulate the muscles of the nipple region.”
Evidently bad things happen to boys who play with their noopies. Take heed, kids, and play safe. Take care of your noopies, and they will take care of you.
Oh la, it’s Friday night, and I’m feeling like fun.
The Daytime Emmies are on now. It’s the first decent awards show this year. They actually look like they’re having fun.
I’m going to close now, and go say a blessing on the skin of you bodybuilders, and for those who fight the good fight alongside them.
You’re loved,


One Response to “Man Boobs”

  1. Persian Guy Says:

    I have the opposite problem, my chest is completely flat, no matter what I do nothing shapes in between the skin and my upper rib cage, the cage is always visible. It’s hereditary I think.

    I uploaded a shot from a couple weeks ago intended to be part of HNT here:

    it’s frustrating, because my ABS actually stick out farther than my chest.


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