Mellow Monday

May 1st and I’m officially moving into laid back summer mode. At work we moved into our summer schedule. Lunch is from noon ’til three. The only bad thing is that I work ’til seven.
At noon you will see me parked in a shady spot with my sombrero pulled over my eyes, the only sound being my gentle snoring, which I am told sounds like two angry bulldogs sewn into a gunnysack, with a chainsaw thrown into the mix. It makes little children cry. I tried using those little nose patches, and I started to snore melodies. The only solution that works 100% of the time is to apply a man to my body. That works a whole lot better than those little patches. I have never been known to snore when there was a man next to me…Ever.
Artist of the Week
I’ve been listening to Nico all day today, the Chelsea Girl album, with all those beautiful early Jackson brown songs. She was the original Goth. Under all that depression was a treasure chest of gentleness and compassion. She had the clearest vision, and was determined to create something excellent. She wanted to stir people to see reality for themselves, to think and feel for themselves, without blinders. She couldn’t ever really accept that most people don’t want to see what’s real, and I think that was the cause of her sorrow. She was real and tender.

Most creative people struggle with depression. In fact, I think that depression is one of the signs of a creative life, as if depression is the pain of something new coming forth in our lives. I’ve met and known a lot of substance abusers who were just scared to be the artists and lovers they were born to be(myself included).

Book Corner
Cool book: Rumi & Me, the Autobiography of Shams-i Tabrizi
This guy, Shams. One of the great originals of history. He was Rumi’s teacher and soul lover, and I think, more than that. Not an easy read, but worth it.
Fun book: Loving Brian. Beautiful, high quality photographic journal of a young lads developing sexual awareness. Brian is amazingly beautiful.
Be loved,


2 Responses to “Mellow Monday”

  1. jean-michel Says:

    hello daniel,
    nice you put a comment on my blog (09h09).
    yes i know smoke but did not know this book/movie when i got the 9:9am idea.

  2. Jim Says:

    I’ve noticed that the creative sorts in my life definitely have heightened emotions, full-spectrum, particularly true for the artists in my family.–>

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