The Emperor Has No Clothes!

A couple of days ago, people all over this country took to the streets. Over one million people in Los Angeles alone. People took to the streets to say that human rights come before any other rights. Mexican and Latin American immigrant workers took it to the streets to stand up for themselves, since nobody else will stand up for them.
You barely heard a peep out of the main news media about it. You’d think nothing happened at all that day.
It really bugs me that so many Americans believe that the “Messican Terriss” are taking their jobs.
When was the last time you fought with a Mexican immigrant over a job cleaning somebody else’s toilet. Did a Mexican illegal really take some job that you were coveting? Were you dreaming of the time when you could spend fourteen hour days in the sun harvesting crops, sleeping in the back of somebody elses pickup truck? Just where are all these fabulously wealthy immigrant workers with these super desirable jobs? They’re always SomeWhere Else, is where.
And when did it become OK for skinhead bullies to threaten to shoot people dying of thirst out in the desert? A good percentage of these vigilantes are hoping that they will get to shoot someone and get away with it. That’s why they volunteer to go out there with guns and point them at people, as if shooting a border crosser will demonstrate what great patriots they are. They’re the “terriss”, not the immigrants. It also demonstrates the hypocrisy of our leadership. Not one leader has stood up to denounce our American version of Mussolini’s “Blackshirts”.
Have you ever wondered why we’re constantly told that Free Trade is the answer to the world’s ills, but people must be penned in.
All this public debate is a scam. This issue came up as a diversionary tactic, to distract attention from President Dumbya’s plummeting popularity. Our government wants the undocumented workers here.If the presence of illegral migrant workers was hindering the UberEconomy, the illegals would have been gone years ago. The truth is, they drive down wages. And that enables our Corporate Overlords to make more money.
I’ve decided to apply to become an honorary wetback. I like them better than the fascists that seem to be running things in this Country.
‘Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power’ -by Benito Mussolini, Number Two Fascist in the World

America is in the proess of becoming a Fascist nation, and we’re pretty far along in the process.

The Illegal Aliens aren’t scared to stand up and say, “The emperor has no clothes!”
I’m with them.
Chupa me, Gringos!

Public is absolutely forbidden to read past this point!!!! No Peeking!!!
I Mean It!!

Baron, you can come over to my bunkhouse, anytime. I mean it. You bring your harmonica, and I’ll pull out my guitar, and we’ll go up the mountain and make music by the campfire, under the stars. And we will make those stars jealous of our music.
Happy trails, partner

2 Responses to “The Emperor Has No Clothes!”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Thank you. thank you so much. I am so proud of you for standing up for their rights.

    I have been so dissapointed in some of my fellow bloggers for the terrible things they have written about this issue. I have been so shocked to see my fellow gays displaying the same kind of prejudice that has been used against them.

    Of all people, shouldn’t we gay people be supportive of equal rights?

    I am so glad to see at least one other person feels the way I do about equal rights here in America.

  2. tornwordo Says:

    Yay, we’re of the same mind. It’s also becoming a fascist world in many respects.

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