Can anybody tell me who this guy is? I’ve been trying to find out for months now. I find pictures of him all over the internet, but I can’t find his name. I’m sure I’m the last guy on the planet who doesn’t know his name, but I’m beyond caring about the humiliation. It’s really urgent. I’m preparing to build a shrine for him in the back bedroom, complete with candles and pictures all over the walls, sort of a SenSurround thing, and I just can’t bear to call it my “Altar to An Unknown Model”.
Basically, I have stalked the internet and come up with nothing. This is a cry for help!. If anybody can tell me his name, I would be eternally grateful($$$phone and address$$$)!!


Anyone still think that the Minutemen and their various spinoff groups are motivated by a pure love of country?
Here are a few choice quotes from Fred Puckett, who left the Minutemen to found his own group, the “MinuteMan of One” group because the supervision was too strict.
Say that again. The MINUTEMEN are too “strict”? Too strict for what?

“We don’t have no by-laws…we don’t have nothin’. We go out in two-man teams and we hit them like we did 40 years ago in Vietnam”.

Great. Now we’re reliving Vietnam in our back yard, with live ammunition.

“We believe our country is being destroyed from the inside. Anything south of I-10 is a third world nation.”

Tucson is bisected by I-10. It’s no coincidence that most of the Hispanic population of Tucson lives on the south side of I-10.

Puckett on stopping groups of crossers:
“You can arrest him if he’s in commission, It’s a felony to transport. You can detain him in the commission of a felony. If he tries to run you down..that is a felonious attempt at murder. You can do whatever it takes to stop him. And once you shoot a few of these sons of b****es…they’ll think twice.

So, someone steps in front of your vehicle with an assault rifle and tells you to stop. Question: Do you stop and chat, or do you gun the motor and try to get far away from the psycho with the gun? Hmmmmm, that’s a tough one.
I believe he is available for speaking engagements for churches and social clubs.
We’re talking KKK here. They just took off the sheets.


TORNWORDO, of STICKYCROWS(SEE LINKS) asked me just how I go about making a living in San Manuel. Good question, and one that deserves a full response.


There are three ways of getting a job in San Manuel.
The first is to perform a degrading sex act for Jabba the Hut, hereinafter referred to as “the employer”.
The second way, isn’t quite as degrading, but much more public. If the prospective employer can’t find anyone to perform a sex act for them, they will announce an open invitation bare knuckles boxing tournament. The winner of this competition will get the job, after having provided much bloody entertainment for the local crowd. I believe in other places this is known as “applying for a job”. Here in San Manuel, though, we call a thing what it is.

The third way is far and away the best. You get a job by knowing people. This works every time. I recommend it above all other methods of job procurement.

In my own case, I got my job because I was friends with the last people to hold the job. They blackmailed the owners, and well, here I am. I manage a small self storage business out here. People move away, and they leave belongings with us that they know they will want later. Later on, they decide they don’t want it after all, and we throw their trash away for them. It’s glamorous, I know, but I get to stare out the window a lot at the mountains, wishing I was up there camping.
Oh yeah..

More another time on the exciting cutthroat job scene in San Manuel.
Please, help me to find my Unknown Model.

Be loved,



2 Responses to “WHO IS THIS MAN??”

  1. tornwordo Says:

    No clue on the model, hot though he is. Sounds like a kickback job with an awesome view.

  2. The Searcher Says:

    he looks HOT HOT HOT….

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