I’m totally inept at fixing stuff. I love guys who can fix stuff (Apply within).

I’m good at languages, research and analysis,and symbolic logic, all non-useful stuff.

I suck at small talk, big time.

My current favorite three movies of all time are Thin Red Line,
The New World, and Monster’s Ball.

I haven’t seen Brokeback Mountain yet, or The Passion of the Christ.

I adore James Caviezel. Big Time.

I once trained for a career as a concert pianist. Then I came to my senses.

Shakespeare is overrated. If he were alive today, he would probably be a Republican.
Christopher Marlowe was an anarchist, like me. That’s much better.

I had an unbroken run of perfect test scores in Spelling from first grade through sixth grade. (See useless skills, above)

Generally speaking, I’m christian. Jesus is cool, but most churches are medieval.

In a former incarnation, I was a minister. I know, I can’t help my past.

I HATE ab crunches. I do 400 every day. If I miss a day, I double it the next day. That way, I get to hate it twice as much.

I am a coffee snob. I make excellent espresso. I guess that qualifies as a useful skill.

I’m a good chess player. International conflicts should be settled by board games.

Injustice and cruelty make me very angry. I always do something about it. I hate unfairness.

I love Ethiopian cuisine.

There is a place in Mexico where this tribe has two languages. One is for public use. The other one is completely whistled. They do it all by the pitch and tonality. Way cool, huh?

I am a world class Hopeless Love Puppy. Ask anybody.

My cat is fat, but she loves to flirt. She does this funny floor dance. It’s cool.

If I were a woman, I would just play with my breasts all day long.

Be loved,




  1. tornwordo Says:

    Great list! now you have to do the 100 things exercise. You’ll love it if you haven’t already…..

  2. Persian Guy Says:

    I still think 400 Crunches is way too many. You know those guys with the perfect 6pack abs? They usually do 3 sets of 30 3 times a week. If you are doing them correctly 3 sets of 30 should knock you completely unable to do more, no matter your experience/skill. See with abs if you do them too often the muscle gets hard, but not ripped. It’s a cycle involving diet and spaced out routines.

    Just my two cents (you can slap me if ya want! )

    Jim šŸ™‚

  3. Kalvin Says:

    I LOVE THAT CAT SO MUCH. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s what my cats do everytime I turn my back. Furthermore, your useless skills probably make you so much more endearing. Do you have a recording of that wistling language? And I love ethiopian food too, but mostly the sponge bread. I need to get my own starter. I will learn to make bread the correct way one day. And I gave up any delusions I had about being a concert pianist when I got to college. Besides, I couldn’t compete with those kids who practiced so much that their finger pads split in two, and they would tape them back together and keep practicing. I’m far too lazy for that.

  4. Nathan Says:

    That was simply awesome. You should self display more often.

    And can we get a video of Cheddar’s little dance, please?

    Love ya

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