A couple of weeks ago, I made a new friend, Edmund Paul.We haven’t met in person yet, he lives in the Netherlands. But something happened in me. I have this feeling, empty but alive, in the pit of my stomach, that knowing this person will change me deeply, and for the rest of my life. An awareness that something really important is going to come out of this relationship. It’s as though life is giving itself to me, as a gift, through this person that I’m just getting to know. I want to give back, to keep the connection to life, and make it stronger and deeper.
More and more, I believe that my job in life is simply to make a connection. Just to connect. We don’t have to all be Mother Teresa, but the more we can connect to each other, even the unloved and unloving, the better life is.
I’ve been thinking for the last several days about one of my favorite stories, “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”, by Carson McCullers. On the basis of the title alone, it would be one of the great novels. She writes about the marginal characters, the ones who live on the fringe, in danger of falling off the wagon and disappearing. The thing that makes it so powerful for me is because I know that I’m a lonely hunter, too. Each of us, every person on the face of the earth is looking to connect with humanity. To connect is to touch life. To disconnect is to die a little.
The only thing that keeps me living is loving. No matter what.
Sydney carter wrote, “I am looking for that which is looking for me.” When two lonely hunters recognize one another, that creates a connection, and that pushes the darkness back, creating a place for life.


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