My Blogfriend Castor, of Castor’s Diary, sent in this information on “poof”.

“effeminate man, male homosexual,” c.1850, perhaps a corruption of puff. The Australian extended form poofter is attested from 1910.About the plural:Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:Inflected Form(s): plural poofs also pooves

My thanks to Castor.
So I was right about “pooves”. I had no clue about the definition, however. I’m not at all sure about my carpet’s sexual inclinations.

As to Castor, a quote from Goethe applies. “The first and last work of genius is the love of the truth”. The only protection from deception is a love of the truth that outweighs anything else.
That’s the acid test that keeps the creative fire burning.
And yours, my friend, burns hot.

Be loved,



2 Responses to ““POOVES””

  1. Jim Says:

    See, I was confident that you knew your pooves!

    That your carpet is releasing pooves no matter what, could indicate deeper issues; dust anxiety, or perhaps it never felt close to its father 🙂

  2. castor Says:

    🙂 Interesting that Merriam-Wbster-Dictionary! Isn’t it?

    Goethe is so right and he was so fortunate that his creative fire was burning in a measured way like his chacter was: calm, evem-tempered and powerful.

    But I belong to those people whose candle is burning at both ends … this is very funny and exciting as long as you are young … but nobody remains forever young 🙂

    Thank you, Daniel, for your nice words as to my person!


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