Carpet Dreams

The startling revelations from Castor (see the last two or three posts)kept me awake half the night. When I finally did get to sleep, I had carpet dreams.

Poofy carpet dreams.

It is so true that knowledge changes everything. Now that I know the truth about my carpet, I see it with kinder, gentler eyes. Before I despised it for emitting poofs of dust every time I walked on it. Now I know it was crying out for love in the only way it knew how.
Every poof a cry from the heart. And I never heard it.
The carpet thugs are on their way. I must protect my carpet.
You may laugh and say, “What a worn out old carpet”, but I warmly respond, “There’s a lot of history there”.
I know what. I’ll make them give it to me, and I’ll keep him, erm, it, in the back bedroom along with my Shrine to the Unknown Model, and we’ll have carpet time together.
Some of you requested pics of the carpet. Now I understand why. You sensed something deeper was going on. We’ll probably be setting up a web site for Poofy Carpet Lovers. Memberships will be accepted, with discount coupons issued to readers of this blog. All proceeds will go toward creating and maintaining a home for Poofy Old Carpets. They need a place to belong, too!

I just never knew.
I’m a little sad, but excited as well.
Soon, it will be time to break in the new carpet.
Will it be poofy, too?
And most importantly, will we poove together under the moonlight?

Fun stuff.

Be loved,



4 Responses to “CARPET, INTERRUPTED”

  1. castor Says:

    What a beautiful carpet you’ve got!
    If you cannot fall asleep once again, then close your eyes and try to immagine that your carpet is able to fly and you will fly with him wherever you want, it’s only a kind of training! šŸ™‚

    Your friend Castor

  2. Kalvin Says:

    Aw I love this post. And think of it this way, the carpet will not be worn out. It will be loved now. Although I’m wondering what pooving with the carpet is like. Gets me all excited just thinking about it.

  3. Jim Says:

    Stately and regal he is in his pooviness. (or is it poovyness) Now, about this shrine to the Unknown Model, picture please šŸ™‚

  4. Cocaine Jesus Says:

    you guys ought to form a gay collective blog. over on our erotic site we only have castor as the ‘token’ gay and he rightly is trying to present a gay feel to the site.
    why not start one now?
    c’mon fellas you know it makes sense!

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