One of these two pictures is of Sen. Arlen Specter. The other is a picture of a hemorrhoid. One is the cause, the other the effect. See if you can tell the difference. I bet you can’t.


I was going to wait a week or two before I did this, hoping that everyone would have forgotten this game, and I wouldn’t look like a trend follower. But who cares. It’s fun. And fun is more important.
The winner(s) get(s) a prize, which will be negotiated afterward.

1. I taught myself Spanish just to see if I could.

2. I was once a professional horse whisperer.

3. I once fractured 3 vertebrae for which I received no medical attention whatsoever.

4. I once ran for Mayor of a small town in Louisiana, on the “I Hate Bubba” platform.

5. I once fasted 60 days for peace and world enlightenment.


Today we feature Senator Arlen Specter, for his shifty political opportunism, and just plain spitefulness.
Arlen Specter is the author of the new anti-gay marriage amendment. Everyone knows it’s going to fail. No one in D.C. particularly cares whether it fails or not. Everyone knows that the Republicans are sponsoring this bill to curry favor with the Religious Reich, the fascist crowd.
“You are no more a protector of the Constitution than am I,” he screamed at Sen Russ Feingold, who stormed out of the room in disgust.
Get this: the ugliest thing he can say to someone is basically “you’re no better than me, and I don’t care about the constitution either.”
I only know of two honest people working on Capitol Hill. That’s Sen. Feingold, and Rep Cynthia McKinney, and they both are subject to constant dirty tricks from the fascist mob.


Did anyone notice that the White House started marketing the whole “immigration crisis” at about the same time that reelection campaigns took off. Nobody in D.C. gives a rat’s ass about mexican laborers. What they care about is Republicans getting reelected. These thugs have been suckling the tit of the Great Whore for so long they’ll do anything to avoid getting a job. That includes cynically lying to voters, promoting fear and hate, and trashing the lives of decent, hardworking people whose only real crime is poverty so crushing they’ll risk their lives to seek work in the “Land of Opportunity”.
Land of Opportunity? Not for you, Jose! We’ll shoot you down in the desert for daring to to come here like My grandparents did! Our patriotic, flag waving “MinuteMen” will leave you to die in the sand and the rocks, all for the love of their country!
Hey, here’s a solution. Everytime the INS finds an immigrant worker, get their Mexican ID and give them a temporary work visa, with a social security number for tax purposes. Might take all of about ten or twenty minutes. We have computers now, people.
We need to arrest the lying fatcats. Immigrant labor isn’t the problem, corrupt leadership is. Let’s haul Arlen Specter across the border and appoint an immigrant worker to fill his seat in the Senate. We’d have more honest representation.

They all need to be thrown out on principle.

“Do you have blacks, too?” β€”to Brazilian President Fernando Cardoso, Washington, D.C., Nov. 8, 2001

Note: Did you catch the use of the word “have”, as though they’re possessions?
Tell me, do you “have” a lawn jockey in your yard?
You gotta pay attention to the little things, if you want to get the good stuff.

1. Tell the truth.
2. Be kind.
3. Be aware, not paranoid.

My cadre of loyal volunteer researchers has come up with more examples of the creative use of this fascinating, little known word.

” “, the young man said, pleased and pooved at the attention.
Stately and regal he is in his pooviness. (or is it poovyness)
(Thanks to Jim, a fellow poover, at Texas Stream of Consciousness for this example.)
Be safe this weekend.

Be loved,



3 Responses to “WEEKEND MADNESS”

  1. Kalvin Says:

    I am so bad at this game. I’m just going to guess number five because it sounds the least strange of all of them. I really hope that you ran on an “I hate Bubba” platform. That would delicious. I’m so tired of politics. I’m not paranoid, but I’m just not surprised anymore. The old saying, “if you’re not outraged, you’renot paying attention”, well, I am, but I’ve been over outraged. I’ll do better though, mmmhmmm.

  2. tornwordo Says:

    I say number five too. If you’d said a week, maybe. Sixty days? Why aren’t you dead then, lol.

  3. Jim Says:

    The pictures are subtly deceiving because, in fact, these two are the same person; one a daytime work picture, the other a nighttime play picture. Such pooviosity! πŸ™‚

    I’ll vote for self-taught Spanish considering your location, however I’m hopeful that they are all true, just for converation’s sake πŸ˜‰

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