I was really kind of worried that in Weekend Madness, I really had crossed some line. Perhaps I should have named it “Scary and Alienating”. There’s such an art to picking just the right list items. They should be improbable but interesting. Mine are all either boring or bizaare and kind of scary, with nothing in between. Oops. But everyone seems to have hung with me. I’m glad for that.


1. True. I did teach myself Spanish. It’s way better if you take a class, though. The more interaction, the better.

2. True. I was a professional horse whisperer. That’s not as arcane as it sounds. It’s really a technique to humanely “get through” to a badly traumatized horse. Here’s a linkto the original
Horse Whisperer site, if you’re into that sort of thing.

3. True. This is the main reason I’m not a horse whisperer now. That was three or four incarnations ago, anyhow. I still love horses and stock, and all that stuff, but I just kind of mess around. I leave the heavy stuff to the other guys.

4.False. I wish I had. I would so love to be able to put this on my CV. And I’m just enough of a rabble rouser to do it, but the opportunity has never arisen. It’s on my to do list, though.

5. True. This is the one everyone said was a lie, but it’s true. This was maybe two lifetimes ago. I did this loooong fast for peace, yada yada yada. They put me in the back room of this little church, in the back woods of Louisiana, and 60 days later I came out looking really bad. I also met Vera right after that, so I think it addled my judgement. That was twenty years ago, and look where it’s gotten us. I think I made things worse, instead of better.

Special mention goes to my Longhorn friend, Texas Jim, for guessing correctly in the GUESS WHICH section. His correct guess was that they were both pictures of Arlen Specter, one at work, and one at play. Again, you guess which is which.
I bet you can’t.
( And Texas Jim, I’m 15 years older and have a beard. Just so you know.)
Everybody wins for participating. Name your prize and claim it.

Be loved,



4 Responses to “QUIZ RESULTS”

  1. tornwordo Says:

    I’d ask for a big sloppy kiss, but alas, we’d need three thousand mile lips.

    So how many lifetimes have you had this time around?

  2. Kalvin Says:

    OMG, you really did the 60 days? What kind of fasting is that? Where I come in mormondumb it’s no food or water the entire time day or night. But, rats, I lost again. I should have known the campaign was too good to be true. 😦

  3. Paul Says:

    (FREE-TUNES):at my [non-profit] website:

  4. Jim Says:

    I win, I win! For my prize I want you to run for mayor of a small LA. town on the ‘I hate bubba’ platform. Muah ha ha 🙂

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