(continuation of previous post)
It was so bad, I actually started to get queasy. Then I had to fight the urge to giggle. About halfway through, though, things picked up. The drummer had to quit halfway through a song. Some kind of mishap with his oxygen tank. This enabled the other players to all play the wrong chords in correct rhythm.
Well, the lasagna was good. I was expecting Stouffers or BirdsEye, but it was all homemade. I had seconds of the Eggplant.
And for afters, check out this site for Nick Beyeler. If this guy doesn’t make you get off the couch and start moving, nothing will.

Be loved,



4 Responses to “POST PARTUM REVIEW”

  1. tornwordo Says:

    I love the desert view. Love the desert actually. The presbetyrian lasagna soiree? I’d rather go walkin’ in the hills ; )

    Love what you said about the heart.

  2. Persian Guy Says:

    Mishap with his Oxygen tank!! Priceless…



  3. Kalvin Says:

    I always laugh. That’s a problem I have. I can’t control myself. Then I have to tell people I’m mentally disturbed or something. It’s so bad. That’s why I can’t do things like that anymore. Sigh.

  4. TonyM Says:

    mmmmm – Nick! (evil grin) Is he on the menu?

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