I lost my mask.

Somewhere between Tucson and the desert, I misplaced it.
I think it just became a nuisance, and dropped off along the way, when I wasn’t watching.

At first, I worried. I looked for my mask.
When I didn’t find it, I looked for another mask.
But none fit just right.
The amazing thing was that no one noticed.
No one really acted differently.
They didn’t stand back.
Some actually moved in a little closer.

And I can see myself now. I can feel the sun and wind on my face.
Best of all, I gave myself permission to feel, and to love. I can be crazy.
When wildness overtakes me, I howl like a wolf.
When sorrow comes to call, I weep.
When joy stirs in my belly, I dance.
I will wear a mask, no more.

Be loved,


3 Responses to “MASKS”

  1. Nathan Says:

    That’s very sweet. I’m glad you are finally able to be freed from your mask.

    On another note, may I borrow your mask? I’m in a very different place than you right now.

  2. Persian Guy Says:

    That was beautiful & moving, I can identify.


  3. Kalvin Says:

    I like this. I’m so creepy that it makes me think of furries in spots. I wish I could say the same about my mask. It just won’t come off!

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