I’ve tried to go vegetarian so many times, but I always fail. I love the whole idea of being vegetarian. It makes sense economically and humanely. It’s better for your health, too. The statistics are scary.
But every time I try it, I find myself craving a hamburger by mid-afternoon. I tell myself the cow died for a noble purpose, and chow down. I’m just a “foodie”.

Where ever I go, or when ever I meet someone from a different culture I make it a point to eat what they eat. This makes a connection with people. When you eat their food, people open up to you. So I’ve eaten some pretty weird stuff. I just decided that if it didn’t kill them, it wouldn’t kill me. So here’s my list.
1. The worst thing I ever ate was Calf brains. The French adore this. Don’t believe them.
2. The weirdest thing I ever ate was “Mountain Oysters”. In city-speak this translates to”sliced and fried pig or cow testicles”. It sounds better in country-speak. This is also a seasonal delicacy, being a regular feature during branding and gelding time.
3. Squid pizza isn’t all that bad.
4.They really do have chocolate covered ants in Mexico. You can’t taste the ants.
5. I had fried locusts in Mexico, too. If you get the oil hot enough, they’re not squishy. Actually, they’re pleasingly crunchy. You put a little salt on them, and down the hatch!
6. A great party mix is dried sardine bits with slivered almonds. Wait ’til they’ve swallowed a mouthful before you tell them.
7. The foods I hated worst as a kid were canned spinach and boiled summer squash. My grandmother would boil them down until they were a slick yellow paste. I was given instructions, “You can’t get up until you eat them.” One day I decided to call that bluff. I sat there for four hours, the longest afternoon of my young life. My grandmother came in and pleaded with me, “Please just take one bite”. I refused, sensing victory. She came back later, and without speaking, took the cold, pale yellow glop from before me, and sent me to my room. I was very careful not to gloat.
8. One of my favorite things to make is Peanut Stew. It’s more like scrambled eggs, but I call it a stew because it’s a mixture, and to confuse people.It’s a west African recipe.

Heres how you make it:
1 dozen eggs
1 glass of milk
1 12 ounce jar of crunchy peanut butter
a handful of raisins
You can put more stuff in if you want, but this is the basic recipe.

Mix the eggs and the milk.
Soften the peanut butter in the microwave.
Mix the eggs and PB in a frying pan, and stir the peanut butter until it melts into the egg mixture.
Drop all the raisins in the mix. Cook it real slow so the raisins can plump up and all the flavors get mixed together.
Everybody always asks for seconds.

Ashanti proverb
“If you attend to what is roasting, it will not be burnt.”
Time for dinner.

Be loved,



4 Responses to “FOOD FUN”

  1. Nathan Says:

    You’re such a fascinating guy 🙂

    Well, I agree about being a vegetarian. People who eat meat have much worse health. But I can’t bring myself to be a vegetarian either. I hate vegetables, actually.

    The only thing I can stomach, sometimes, are these vegetarian chicken nuggets. They look like white meat nuggets, but they are all vegetable. You can find them in most grocery stores.

    Whew, there were some nasty sounding foods listed there. You’re one brave guy! But the recipe at the end sounds delicious!

  2. Kalvin Says:

    That peanut stew sounds so bad for you. But I bet it’s great. You know, I wasn’t a huge fan of brain either. I’m envious of all your other experiences, and now I’m curious about the party mix. Although, I think my partner would kill me if I ever tried to serve something like that. He won’t even eat Sushi!

  3. tornwordo Says:

    I wish I could be a vegetarian. They’re getting better with the fake meat products. I had a non-burger that tasted almost the same at a healthy type restaurant here.

    That peanut stew sounds either really good or revolting. I love peanut butter …..but the eggs, I love scrambled eggs too, …but the combination.

    Have you ever tried Nato? (Japanese)

  4. Persian Guy Says:

    oh wow..that recipe sounds amazing! I don’t even like Peanut Butter and I will try this soon.

    As far as trying those “exotic” dishes, my mother always told me to try everything once, and I have lived up to this thus far. I would have appreciated not knowing I was eating calves brains until afterward but would give it a shot.

    I couldn’t survive on Vegitables alone, I don’t eat red meat, but chicken fish eggs and Turkey are a staple in my diet.

    Great post 🙂

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