Rafael Perez painted this. I think I want to sit for this guy. He can do anything he wants to me on canvas, or in front of a lens. Go Here to see more exciting stuff.

JJD of Gay Empire, one of my fave Blogfriends, demanded info on videos of Turkish Oil Wrestling. I’m always ready to lend a hand for a friend. Just follow the Yellow Brick Road. Kick back, pal, make some popcorn and enjoy.

Another BlogBuddy, Tornwordo of Sticky Crows, asked me if I had ever eaten Natto. I actually had to look this up. I told him that if he dared me I would. T, being the crafty fellow that he is, didn’t say a thing, wanting to see what I would do. I can’t resist a dare from a buddy, and sometimes I’ll even create a dare from a suggestion, just because it strengthens the relationship. So now I’m learning how to make natto. It’s hardcore Japanese food. Basically it’s fermented soybeans. It has been described as looking like hardened fox poop in a bed of snot. But to make up for that, it smells like Bleu Cheese. The problem is, it’s considered something of a wonderfood in Japan. So now I’m honor bound to try it. If anybody out there can help me get a starter kit of Natto culture, I’ll be thankful. Meantime, here’s a pic to whet your appetite. Bon Apetit!

Meanwhile, the big news of the day is that Fearless Leader, Pres. Bush was seen pouting and weeping in the Rose Garden this morning. It got so bad that Laura had to go tell him to suck it up.

It seems that Dumbya’s special buddy, Ken Lay of Enron fame, is getting sent away for a long time.

Dumbya has been hitting the phones long and hard to avoid this. Before Enron declared bankruptcy several years ago, Dumbya and Lay were on the phone together every day for weeks, sometimes several calls a day. And Lay said they “never” discussed the looming bankruptcy. Righhhht.


Hurray, it’s Friday! We made it through another week together.
Have fun this weekend.

Be loved,



6 Responses to “FEARLESS FRIDAY”

  1. tornwordo Says:

    You found it! I had it at a Japanese restaurant here. Apparently, in Japan, it’s either loved or reviled depending on the person. I thought it wasn’t half bad, but the smell is quite *special* and the snottiness of the liquid is kind of gross if you think about it being rotten and all.

    But really, I didn’t find it to be half bad.

    Good luck, I have no idea how one would make it.

  2. Kalvin Says:

    You know, Ireally enjoyed natto. I suppose it isn’t for everyone. I would be frightened of making it myself. Good luck!

  3. The Lone Beader Says:

    I went to a Japanese restaurant in Boston last nite – Shabu Zen. Ever since my Japanese friend Jimmy took me out for shabu shabu, I have been an addict ever since. I’ve never tried natto, though; it looks a little scary….And, everytime I see that photo of GWB, it makes me laugh:)

  4. Em Says:

    I was thinking about GWB today and how though I mock his appearance, if he were a kind and group oriented man, I would find his appearance endearing. Just sayin…

    Also, I’m not sure I could make it past the snotty quality of natto. I’m much better with tastes than textures.

    I wish you much luck though. Also I like your blog closing. It makes me feel loved, even if I don’t know you.

  5. jjd Says:

    If you’ve never had natto it seems best that you try it out somewhere as opposed to making it for yourself, don’t you think? Sounds like something I would try just to say I had tried it, bon appetit.

  6. castor Says:

    I like Rafael Perez’s paintings too 🙂

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