I spent most of the day putting together a massive collage of war pictures and quotes about war. I never could get it to go just right, and finally I realized that I was doing it for myself, and not anyone else.
So I scrapped about four hours of hard work.
Have fun, be with friends, eat barbecue, drink a beer(don’t drive), use the day to catch up with loved ones.
I know that I have a tendency to escape from unpleasant reality, and this holiday has a very unpleasant reality behind it. It glorifies war, and war is not glorious.
Maybe, at one time in the far distant past, before the Industrial era dehumanized us all, war was more legitimately glamorous. Maybe there really was a time when men were ennobled by the act of killing other men. Maybe, but I doubt it.
My suspicion is that war has always been about making money, and it’s all propaganda. There never has been anything glorious about it.
People get killed for money, or power, and that’s just another way of saying money.
War is not necessary. Peace works. If Humanity is to survive much longer on this planet, we’ve got to shed some outmoded notions about “reality” and “life”. Both of those terms are negotiable, anyway. If we can’t live without war, we won’t live at all. I vote we drink a beer and eat a rib for Peace. That’s way better than glorifying war, and just as much fun, too.
Be loved, and live,

8 Responses to “MEMORIAL DAY”

  1. Kalvin Says:

    I always thought that if I were to be drafted I would rather go to jail than go out killing other people. I dunno, I just think it changes you.

  2. Em Says:

    If Humanity is to survive much longer on this planet, we’ve got to shed some outmoded notions about “reality” and “life”. Both of those terms are negotiable, anyway.

    I’m lovving these two sentences!

  3. tornwordo Says:

    Amen, Del-

  4. castor Says:

    Although the Memorial Day is an American National Holiday I agree completely with the content of your post! I like the picture a lot!

    Love and Peace,

  5. Enemy of the Republic Says:

    I do work on just war as taught by the church fathers and I use Vietnam as an example of a war that might have appeared just, but became wholly unjust. The Iraqi War is unjust. I am still working out the bugs of WWII since war was declared on us. WWI was utter bullshit. Actually, most wars are unjust–my husband, who served in the military, says they all are, but he would have died in one if he had been meant to. I like Freud’s ideas on war; it’s our only socially acceptable way of ridding ourselves of aggression and getting a few medals to boot.

  6. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert Says:

    Hi Enemy,
    I’ve slowly come back around to Freud, after years of being a declared Jungian. It’s true, there is a defensive function of war. My personal feeling is, that at the larger level, it’s all about money. I’m an anarchist, and I suppose it shows.
    The horror of WWII, for me, is that the victors have become the fascists. As Mussolini said, Fascism should be called corporatism, since the government and the corporate structures merge. This is what we see in the Western World today.
    In re Freud: for men, hunting has been a test or proof of manhood, also. In Ullyses day, the boar hunt was one rite of passage for young men.

  7. finnegan Says:

    whether to secure food or slaughter a fellow earth-dweller, guns have changed the human game more than anything else.

    alcohol and firearms = bbq and blood.

    Thoughful post, Del.

    By the way, where abouts do you live in Arizona?

    I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. I’ve linked you.

  8. finnegan Says:


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