Go check Stoneth out. Whoever he is, he deserves a Pulitzer. There are albums full of pictures of street kids, each of them has a brief story attached. Some of the stories and pictures are horrifying, a few are funny. Every single one of them is there because it’s more endurable on the street than where ever they came from.
This guy’s name is Brad. He ran away from his home in Illinois. He won’t say why.
Look long and deep into his eyes, and tell me what you see.
Do you see a hunger there, and do you see anger?

Look Into My Eyes

Look into my eyes
I ask you for your money
but what I want is your eyes
because the heart follows the eyes
and it’s my heart that’s
hungry because of heart failure
could not endure the claims
that drained the life away
living in anothers fantasy
fulfilling another’s dream
life demands to be lived
not as visioned by another
but determined from within
and I left to save my life
so I call to you today
Every passerby I meet
every stranger I dun for money
every tourist I pose for
every fool I dance for
every groper I give my body for
Do you see me
Do you see a life
claiming it’s right to be lived
Have I not the right
to be present to my life
and have I not the right
to claim my presence in yours
For the awful secret is that
in the hidden furnaces of creation
we are already joined as one
I am yours
and you are mine
we cannot be undone for
beauty is joined to beastliness
desire wedded with disgust
the noble united with the base
limbs locked from creations
first embrace until the end
for we are one

9 Responses to “LOOK INTO MY EYES”

  1. Elizabeth McClung Says:

    I looked at the rest of the pictures and his eyes are a bit more vulnerable than the rest of the street kids, they have a “stay away…please” look to them, like there is still a bit of wanting to be reached out deep down. The rest have the long stare of survivors; “welcome to hell world” their eyes say.

    Really compelling pictures, thanks for introducing me to the artist.

  2. The_Gay_Dude Says:

    Very compelling but it brings back too many memories….I saved the link and will look at it another time….thanks for sharing, hun 🙂

  3. Ur-spo Says:

    A sad but beautiful photo.

  4. Clean & Sober Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I see unsuredness (am I creating a new word?) masked by a tough guy image……..

  5. Kalvin Says:

    I always am shocked at the humanity of people on the street because I ignore them so much in my daily life. Part of living in a big city I suppose. I really enjoyed the poem. It seems awfully buddhist to me though.

  6. El Güero Says:

    Great photos…thanks for the link.

    I see distrust in his eyes.

  7. john Says:

    There is definitely anger. But there is also a vunerability which the walls he built cannot hide.

  8. Jason Says:

    Very touching. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Loneliness. Desolation.

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