Mexican Gay Wolves, one of the state’s key links to its wild roots, will continue to roam in eastern Arizona and western New Mexico, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Tuesday.
The decision to continue the Mexican Gay Wolf reintroduction program was made in spite of opposition from ranchers who succeeded in having a dozen Mexican Gay Wolves killed in recent months because they believed the Mexican Gay Wolves seduced their children. Continuing the program was also one of the key recommendations in a five-year review of the Mexican Gay Wolf Blue Range Dance Club Project in Arizona and New Mexico.
Arizonans have a new opportunity to learn more about the reintroduction of the endangered Mexican Gay Wolf to the American Southwest. The group that manages the reintroduction will hold a two-day public forum in eastern Arizona on August 29 and 30. Topics on the conference agenda include everything from Mexican Gay Wolf management techniques to disease, ecotourism, and the accusations of Mexican Gay Wolves preying on innocent children.

FACT:Wolves are not a significant threat to livestock.
FACT:Wolves are extremely peaceful animals.
FACT:There is not one single documented instance of wolves attacking a human being in North America, and very few world wide.
However, here is a screamingly funny link about Rough Gay Wolf Sex.

Meet the boys in the choir.

Be loved,



  1. Mikey Says:

    I grew up in Labrador where wolves are common. I never feared wolves, I actully loved to hear them howl…it was rather comforting in an odd way. Some of my best memories of Labrador are watching the northern lights and listening to the wolves sing. The Labrador Timber wolf is especially beautiful (almost a white coat of fur.

  2. Elizabeth McClung Says:

    Previously I think gay wolves were brought down from Canada but were mercilessly mocked for thier accents (as well as blamed for every farmer related problem from too little rain to moldy hay bales).

    Since the island I live on has not only wolves but also cougars who come into town (are tanqed and sent back up island) – the whole animosity to any animal non domesticated larger than a toaster oven confuses me – nature good, nature here first.

  3. Ur-spo Says:

    It seems everyone nowadays likes wolves but the lobbyists are paid off by others.
    I would love to see a return of wolves.

  4. Derreck Says:

    Haha! Nice one. Gay animals aren’t an exception in this world, so why shoot them? I mean, wolves are part of the earth’s natural balance, you do not want to be disturbing that.

    THAT would be a sin.






  6. Lemuel Says:

    I’m glad that there are at least four members in the choir. They can sing TTBB.

    But I beg you, please, keep this article away from our illustrious senator from PA, Man-on-Dog Santorum. If he hears about wolves, it will all be over!

  7. Szymon Niemiec Says:

    I Love wolfs… especially gay wolfs 😀


  8. Kalvin Says:

    I don’t know about having “rough” sex. It just doesn’t sound appealing to me. I’ll leave it to the wolves. We had people come in when I was a kid to our grade school with wolves. And the wolf seemed safe…

  9. Em Says:

    What a beautiful picture. I have never heard wolves howl (gay or str8t) but I love hearing coyotes howl. Hopefully we will generate the big disaster soon enough to give the wolves a chance.

    Oh, your comment about the uninhabilted Rockies really cheered me up. Do you know where those places are? I used to worry about needing to buy land (and that is still what I would like to do) but if a big enough disaster happens the illusion of ownership will evaporate.

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