I want to introduce a new blogbud to you, Szymon Niemiec. His blog is in Polish and English. I’ve been following him and his work for a little while. I’ve come to love him and respect him for his courage and heart, working to help GLBT people in Poland. The oppression over there is awful from the Religious Right. His desire is to set up a center for GLBT people. He’s not bitter, just weary, and I want to do anything I can help him. Click here to go to Szymon’s blog. Be sure to check out his erotica site, too.
I want to show you a letter he sent me.
“My name is Szymon Niemiec. I was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1977. I am the founder of the “Equality Parade” established in Warsaw in 2001, and one of the first Polish openly gay people recognized since 1998. From 2000 to 2006 I was International Lesbian & Gay Culture Network Cultural Ambassador of Poland. I’m the first polish openly gay person elected to a board of the liberal left political party.
The first years for me were difficult as I did everything by myself, and I became a Polish “celebrity” with my face on TV and journals. I suffered many attacks against myself, but I kept going, struggling alone. In 2004 the parade was cancelled by the city of Wasaws mayor who is now the countrys president. He also cancelled the 2005 parade. At this time I became ill and gave the responsibilty to another individual to produce the parade. He was Polish, but lived in Germany and told me that he wanted to form a foundation. I thought this was a good suggestion and supported it’s concept.

I was not formally invited to participate in this years festivals, but I marched along with the many other participants. I hosted a small group of 250 individuals from Germany and invited friends from all over Europe. I was surprised at all the people who came and I want to thank them.

In 2005, I wanted to surrender the struggle, but now I realize that was wrong. I want to tell my story as I make plans to establish a LGBT Center for the Polish gays to contribute to the progress of our freedom as gays and citizens of a new republic.

Now that the Parade is over and our international guests have gone home, I ask that you do not forget us nor leave us alone.The struggle continues daily for us, especially under the current oppressive government. We cannot work openly as gays, even in as simple a job as fast food. The Polish Minister of Education, who is leader of nationalist party “League of Polish Families” has said that homosexuals cannot work as teachers. Our hospitals don’t want to help gay couples. Sometimes, we have problem with finding medical support because some doctors dont want to help homosexuals.
I want to change that. I believe we can make our lives better. But we have nothing, no support from our government, from other NGO’s, from anybody. We lack money and power. The conservative, nationalist politicians try to put us back into the closet, or force us to leave Poland like they did to Polish Jews in 1968. I was informed by a police officer that the Polish secret police are prepared to make the same investigations against LGBT community that they did against the Jews in 1968. All Polish LGBT activist have “pink files”. We live in fear; most Polish gays and lesbians are afraid of doing anything publicly. Many of them immigrate or live in the closet. Most are afraid to speak about themselves, even to their families. But I know we must tell about it to the world. I feel I must tell people in western countries what is happening near their borders. I started do this with my personal blog, almost daily writing about my personal feelings. You can find it on http://www.szymonniemiec.pl/blog

Best regards from polish LGBT community, we’re looking for your help and support.”
Szymon Niemiec
Just a thought here. I know a good percentage of you guys are into porn/erotica, and you may subscribe to one or more paysites. Szymon has a porn site that he links to his blog. Check it out when you look at his blog. I’ve seen it and it’s fun. It would be a way of supporting his work and getting some fun out of it, too. You could consider it community support.

Polish boys are gorgeous.

Be loved,



3 Responses to “POLISH BOYS”

  1. The_Gay_Dude Says:

    Unrelated, Daniel 🙂
    I’ve enjoyed your blog and the time we’ve shared getting to know one another. I’m slowly making my rounds with all the peeps I’ve connected with to thank them. I don’t think I’ll ever be blogging again….and am not sure if I’ll get around to visiting people….anytime soon 🙂

    Thanks for everything!


  2. Szymon Niemiec Says:

    Thanks Daniel,
    I’m so happy to have new friend from Free World.
    Best regards

  3. Kalvin Says:

    This letter really makes me feel like I live in candyland. I have so many privileges, and yet, I do so little. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Daniel, and I like hearing it from a personal perspective.

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