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I feel like I’m arriving as a blogger. I just found out that I’m one of the top Google searches for “Horse Penises”. Look it up. I dare you. Please just make sure you’re at work and a lot of people are walking around when you do it.
That gave me a lift. When I think of all the eager young researchers wanting to know more about horse penises, I get a warm glow knowing that I’ve helped improve the quality of someone’s life.
Work sucks. I just needed to say that.
A good friend told me that he enjoyed hearing about Dave the Deer Guy. I enjoy him, too. And interestingly enough, it’s that time of the billing cycle, and I’m planning on calling him this afternoon to try to motivate his silly man ass into paying for his storage unit, before we have to kick him out for chronic late payment. I can’t let that happen. I love being a mother hen to him too much. The thing that gives me palpitations is that he likes it too. It’s like we have this little game going. It’s ok for me to call him because it’s always about his storage, so he’s makes me call him a lot. We both get to play like that’s what it’s about. We both know I’m calling to tell him I love him. If I could just move this little scenario along, say, onto my sofa, or into my bedroom, that would be perfect. I would fuss at him about his storage unit all night long. I wouldn’t mind that one bit.
He’s just such a Guy. I guess that makes us a match.

A nice shot of me, eating out of Dave’s hand.

Be loved,




  1. john Says:

    Horse’s penises? Hilarious!!

  2. Sober @ Sundown Says:

    Congratulations on your new found fame.

    I found out that I am listed in about.com…. I don’t know how that happened.

  3. msliberty Says:

    I love the way we bloggers are able to find eachother…even if it is a long, winding path we take.

    I’m glad I found you, although I have to admit, it wasn’t by looking for horse cock. šŸ™‚

    Thanks again, though, for your writings. Every time I visit your page I feel a flood of peach come over me.

  4. msliberty Says:

    LOL! I’ve just reread my comment and see that in place of “peace,” I wrote “peach.” It must be my bedtime. Hehe.

  5. Michael Guy Says:

    For what it’s worth I seem to be driving searches for Lindsay Lohan morning, noon and night. Go figure.

    But what a hottie ‘deer man’…yikes!

  6. Enemy of the Republic Says:

    Next time I look up Horse Penises at work, I’ll make sure that I tell everyone I’m doing research on Katherine the Great.

  7. Larry Says:

    You know, when I think of you you’ve usually got a lot in common with horse penises šŸ™‚

  8. Scott Says:

    Horse Penises Horse Penises Horse Penises, wonderful how it just rolls off the tounge, oh, the words of course. šŸ˜‰

  9. Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" Says:

    You know, Daniel, oddly when I think of horse penises (as I often do), I immediately draw up a pic of you. I didn’t need Google to tell me that.

  10. Kalvin Says:

    I don’t want you to be famous, Daniel. I want you all to myself. Damn it! Well, maybe you and that horse penis.

  11. tornwordo Says:

    Aw, cute kid. And what’s wrong with being known for a horse penis. Oh, wait, you weren’t talking about yourself. Sorry, nevermind.

  12. Em Says:

    Now don’t let this fame go to your head!

    Oh, and branch out maybe. You know, camel penises, elephant penises, deer penises…

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