This Weeks Forecast
Very peaceful today. When I checked in on Szymon, he had picked up close to twenty links since I posted about him on Friday. He’s excited and happy, and so am I. You guys are so cool.

This week is all about the tech stuff for me. I’m getting my new hard drive, and I’ll be installing it probably this Friday. The new one will be 40 gigabytes. I know that’s nothing much by today’s standards, but for me that’s huge. The hard drive I’m working on now is 4 gigabytes, a little granny computer.

I’m also learning how to use my new digital camera. I know it should be simple, but it’s my first one. I’m a digital virgin. I have to go slowly and gently at first. Pretty soon I’ll be pumping shots out like a Pez dispenser.

I’m such a doofus. I win arguments with 1500 pound horses all the time, but I’m terrified of this little bitty camera. It’s shiny, and it has buttons, and it just sits there so smugly self possessed, like it’s daring me to come over and do something to it.

There, I’ve confessed my fear. I guess now I have to take my courage in my hands and do something about it.

Matt never called this weekend. For some reason I’m not bummed out, though. I know he’ll come by.

Mikey posted an awesome story this weekend. It’s like Mango salsa, hot and sweet, and so real.

I miss Marc today. I think I will for a long time. He taught me life’s too short to hold back. I have to live it all today, because this is the only day I truly have in which to live and love.
Some Hot and Sweet Guy Pics
I’m a sucker for a friendly face.
Just two regular guys, just enjoying being in each others heat, touching each other.

Give me a smile like that and I’ll follow you anywhere. Seriously.

Be loved,



8 Responses to “MELLOW MONDAY”

  1. Larry Says:

    Yeah he does have a great smile!

    Sorry I haven’t commented much. Hope you still know I’m reading when I can and I love the hell out of you 🙂

  2. john Says:

    Have fun with your new camera!!

  3. Ur-spo Says:

    I too don’t know nothing about digital cameras, but with this blog thing going, I want to learn. I gave Someone a camera last year; I am being a weasel by slowly taking it away from him…
    PS-I am in Buffalo and it is 70 degrees! The window is open! There are no cactus or palms either. Nice to get out of phoenix.
    Wish you were here.

  4. Sober @ Sundown Says:

    The cool thing about digital camera’s is that you can take hundreds of pictures and not keep a single one. Put it on automatic for your first experience, then start to experiment.

    I bought my ex a Canon Rebel for Christmas last year. She took off with a guy, so I bought myself a Canon 30D and three lenses. A much better camera for me…..

    BTW, I did take that photo of Paph Prince Edward of York on my blog. I have been shooting it every day since it started to bloom.

  5. Mikey Says:

    Mango salsa…see why can’t I write like that…thanks Bud.

  6. Maddog Says:

    All four boys have great smiles.

    As for the camera when I got mine, I lay in bed one morning and went thru the manual cover to cover taking test pictures of the bookcase across the room. By the time I was finished I knew everything there was to know about my new camera. I just deleted the test pictures and I was on my way.

  7. Scott Says:

    the last picture is so f**king hot. I love the treasure trail and how ‘everyday’ the shot appears.

    Plus smiles are always welcomed.

  8. Ted Doyle Says:

    Guys can be sexy without being naked and these photos highlight their warmth and disposition, as well as their sexiness. Pleasant eye-candy for the day.

    Ted Doyle

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