My Todo List
1. Call my mother. I can usually tell when she’s on the verge of calling the police.
2. Vacuum the cat. The cat hair tumbleweeds in the corners are getting bigger and bigger.
3. Do my taxes for 2005. The IRS is getting snippy with me.
4. Reload all my graphics files. Now that I’ve installed a new hard drive, I have to put all my graphics back onto the computer. This time I’m going to put them in files that actually help identify the contents. Instead of naming my files things like, “Funny”, “Hot”, “Woof” and “That Italian Guy”, I’m opting for names like “Couples Romantic”, “Couples Amateur”, etc.
This should seriously help with inventory search projects.
Now on to the big news of the day.
Queer Sheep
Scientists studying sheep have found that six percent of domesticated rams show no interest in any sexual activity, while ten percent choose males over females. One researcher has also reported differences in aromatase activity in the preoptic area and estradiol levels in the amygdala in the brains of gay and straight rams.

Bagemihl, Bruce. Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1999.

I’ve always wondered why in the Bible, Believers were described as sheep. Now I know that it’s because sheep are queer, too. Well, there may be other reasons, but that’s the operative one for me.
I like the thought that at least one out of ten rams are lustfully eyeing their fellow rams, and enjoying hot, sweaty Ramromps with them in their dreams. Of course we know that it’s more than one out of ten. There are always going to be a few to shy to admit their inclinations to the survey taker. And it doesn’t address those Rams who mostly prefer ewes, but enjoy “just screwing around” from time to time with their buddies on the Ram side of the fence. My view of the sex life of sheep had always been pretty one dimensional, but I’m pleased at the depth and variety of which they’re capable.
A few artistic shots of Rams practicing their lunges.

I love being a Ram.

Be loved,




  1. Mikey Says:

    Do your Taxes?…Tut Tut! 10%, I agree, it is probably higher. Baaaaa

  2. Elizabeth McClung Says:

    You might like the book “Biological exuberance” which is about mostly the hundreds and hundreds of gay animals which have been recorded during “official” studies and then covered up (like the abudance of gay butterflies for example). Some animal species, have ONLY been seen in gay behavoir while others like bobo apes, have thier actions explained away – spefically that males giving each other blow jobs is a form of “handshake” and not a sexual act. (?????)

    Different strokes for different folks I guess as anyone coming at me with a mouth open and tongue hanging out better be a dog, and not a sexual partner – unlike photo 1 of your “Rams”

  3. Elizabeth McClung Says:

    oops, label me stupid – I recommended the book you quote – duh!

  4. Robguy Says:

    Our dogs are always giving eachother “handshakes”.

  5. Derreck Says:

    The animal Kingdom has many speecies which contain homosexual animals. I also made a post on it a while ago. 🙂

  6. Another gay dad Says:

    I love being a ram too.

  7. Kalvin Says:

    I’m always very hesitant to make comparisons between animals in humans, but it’s interesting nonetheless. And does this mean you’re a top?

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