It’s time once more to play “Who’s Banging Who?” I’m pretty sure you all remember how to play. Just look over the photos, imagine they’re your neighbors, and try to figure out their deepest and darkest secrets. Then please vote. The more votes the more fun it is. You can even be straight and play. Just imagine you’re spying on the gay neighbors.
The pics this week are from several eras, two are from WWII, one from 1878, and two are from the 1840’s. None of these photo’s were considered out of the ordinary when they were taken. For me the thought is that people in America weren’t always so uptight about same sex intimacy as they are now. Maybe as a nation we could lighten up just a bit.

an enigmatic pair.

When the photo is enlarged, the lad to your right is definitely a man. The fellow on the left is also a man, as you can see from the rather alarming pair of prehistoric Speedos that he stole from his baby brother. I don’t know the tensile strength of speedos, but these have to be perilously close to the limit.

I hope the fellow on the bottom has strong legs. It could only be love.

Don’t ask. Just don’t.

This wouldn’t be complete without a photo of my hero, Walt Whitman, with his “assistant”, Harry Stafford. Harry “assisted” Walt for several years. He helped him run errands, took him for moonlight rides in their carriage, baked him cookies, and had a seven year long sleepover with him. If you look real close, Harry’s wearing a ring that Walt gave him. Guess which finger it’s on. Oh well, I guess I gave this one away, didn’t I? All right, I definitely know the answer for this one. By the way, Walt might look a little rough here, but he had the constitution of a healthy horse (inside joke).

Put your votes in the comment box, and I’ll tally it all up and we’ll talk about it Friday.

Be Loved,



8 Responses to “WHO’S BANGING WHO?”

  1. Derreck Says:

    1 Not bangnig each other, the guy on the right looks like a mentally ill guy, so logically the man he’s leaning on as sign of affection is likely the psychiatrist who made him stop sucking his toes.
    2 Indeed a rather disgusting speedo, and they’re either escapee’s from the same clinic the previous guy comes from, or gay in a strange way. Let’s say I’m in doubt.
    3 Obviously banging daily.
    4 Uhm… I may be crazy, but the guy on the right looks a lot like a dress puppet… otherwise they’re gay.
    5 Do I need to answer?

  2. Ur-spo Says:

    This is the funniest blog idea!
    I love it!
    Starting at the top, going to the bottom (no pun intended) –
    Picture #1 – Mr. Sideburns is playing the ‘mister’ in this role. I hope the ‘missus’ cooks well too.
    #2- they are into 3 ways with youngsters from the “Y”
    #3 – that pipe has seen some strange places.
    #4 -their just friends I don’t know where you get such dirty thoughts Dan.
    #5 – one of the original sugar daddies; chewtoy gets to use the horse and carriage in exchange for favors.

  3. Lemuel Says:

    Daniel, I’m not sure where you get these. Interesting.

    Well here goes…

    1. an enigmatic pair – my honest opinion is that they are just brothers or buds. nothing going on that we can’t tell mama.

    2. prehistoric Speedos – we served together in the war and my bud here covered my ass, but nothing more.

    3. strong legs – oh, yea, we’re bangin the drum…and we also have a ventriloquism act

    4. don’t ask – i’m not sure they’re aware of the informal rules about “private space”. get a room, guys! preferrably off-base.

    5. hero walt – actually, i might have guessed that they were not bangin if I did not know who they were. very discreet! my hat is off to them. although the cane in Walt’s hand may be a clue to the screams their neighbors heard at night.

  4. Em Says:

    I’m thinking no on one and yes on the rest of them. Except that number two is so disconcerting it is hard to stay with it long. It isn’t the underwear, it is the boots. I’ve been socialized to snort when I see that. sigh.

    I would have guessed no on Walt and Harry. It looks like they were trying for straight there.

    Anyway, my favorite couple is number three. It is because of the look the bottom guy is doing.

  5. Mikey Says:

    #1 no – but the guy with the sideburns had something for the photographer
    #2 That’s just scary…but have to say no
    #3 Yes. they both have a vibrator up their #@* right now.
    #4 Yes one guy looks like he is about to dip the other for that long kiss
    #5 Boy toy who is getting ready to be caned..can I watch?

  6. castor Says:

    I prefer the “enigmatic pair” because I think they aren’t averse to doing it in a hot threesome 🙂 … they look so sensual! I should like to dream of them tonight … but Walt Whitman shouldn’t know it for I would be ashamed of doing such carnal things 🙂

  7. Kalvin Says:

    1 yes
    2 no
    3 yes
    4 gay but seeing other people
    5 no

    Can’t a man just love his brother? Or his grandfather in a special way without judgment?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    1. No. I think they demonstrate the Victorian ideal of gentlemanly friendship.

    2. No. Weird, though. Maybe they’re actors on a movie set and they lost their pants in the big escape scene.

    3. Yes. That picture seethes with “as soon as this photo is taken I want to bend you over that chair and fuck you raw”.

    4. No. They’re buddies saying goodbye at the train station before shipping out to France. I don’t feel any “get your sexy on”.

    5. Interesting picture and info about Walt Whitman. Is it just me, or does Harry look a bit cross-eyed? I wonder what kind of cookies walt liked best?


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