In Bulgaria, they understand how to do First Fridays.
Check this out:

“This autumn starts with a smile, enjoyable company, cool music and a drink. Your Friday night on the first day of September simply MUST start in Essence or in In-da-club. The Friday night in both clubs include free of charge consulting with someone you know or someone you’ll meet then, it’s not necessary to have a partner, nor or to dance.”

I love it. You don’t have to bring a date, you don’t have to dance, but you do get a free “consultation”. Unfortunately, they didn’t post pictures of their “consultants”. But hey, it’s a free date, I mean “consultation”.
I called my travel agent to see if I could get to Sofia on a redeye flight.
Check it out here.
You can find out about IDAHO in Bulgaria here.

Yesterday we showed you photographs of five couples, so we could gossip-, I mean discuss the nature of their relationships. In other words, who’s doing who.
If you just got here, scroll down to Thursday’s post to look at the pictures, and see what you think. It’s still not too late to play. If you scroll down and don’t see it, look under recent posts in the left hand margin, and click on Who’s Banging Who?
Drumroll please, Maestro, while I open the hermetically sealed envelope containing our reader’s responses.

#1- Two voted “yes”, six “no”. Of the “yeses”, we think that Mr. Sideburns is the “Mister”, while BrightEyes stays at home and cooks casseroles. Another reader wants to spend some quality time with them at home, tonight…in the back bedroom with the special soundproofing tile.
One of the “no”-voters thought they were just plain crazy.

#2- All agreed that this couple was disturbing in a variety of ways. One voter was in doubt, two thought they were banging the drum, and five voted for platonic buds.
But let’s look deeper. One of the “Yeses” thought that our heroes looked as though they were setting out for an exciting evening making new friends at the “Y”. That’s where people went to find dates once upon a time, kids. And you could find a lot of dates there. Maybe you still can, I don’t know. It’s been a while since I’ve been there. There’s some speculation that the item in SpeedoMan’s hand is a lunchpail, as they’re planning to be there all day long.
Another viewer, showing signs of getting in touch with her inner fashion nazi(just kidding E),
quite perceptively pointed out that it’s not just the Speedos, but it’s the Speedos worn with those boots. She didn’t suggest an alternative, but perhaps some simple flip flops or Italian loafers would resolve the fashion faux pas shown here.

#3- We had seven “yeses”, with one abstention. I’m pretty sure the abstention is only because he couldn’t quit drooling over the thought of having a threesome with couple number one.
One fellow had some creative ideas about the use of the pipe as a sexual aid, and another felt that these two were students of ventriloquism. Hmmm. Very creative and demonstrative lads, these two. The fellow sitting on the bottom has a look of genuine affection for the fellow on his lap.
Another reader expressed the opinion that this couple might not be able to wait ’til the end of the photo session, but get with it on the spot.

#4- We had five “yeses”, with three “noes”. Comments included, “get a room, guys”, “getting ready to dip into a long slow kiss”, and “gay but seeing other people”. One voter thought they were just friends, and another thought they were just good buddies saying ‘bye at a train station in France. Is this considered proper behavior at French train stations? That would make an awesome opening scene for a script.

#5- Seven “yeses” and one “no”, curiously. The “no” vote came from a reader who loves irony. I can usually catch irony, but this fellow is so good that I’m not always sure when he’s kidding or not. He made a very germane point. Shouldn’t it be possible for a man to have a “special” love for his Grandfather without being judged for it? I agree. Let’s go ask the Wizard about it. Come along, Toto!
However all the rest enthusiastically endorsed my opinion. One paid homage to Walt as the original SugarDaddy, giving Harry the affectionate nickname of Chewtoy. He gets to use the carriage while Walt gets to use…Chewtoy.
Several commented on possible uses for Walt’s cane, invoking some really rowdy scenarios in Walt’s bedroom, some involving shrieks in the night.
One mentioned that Harry looked a bit crosseyed. I wonder what could have caused that? Possibly Walt got just a bit overenthusiastic with that little cane.

So that’s that. Whether they’re friends or lovers, there seems to be no obvious line of demarcation when it comes to affection and friendship. When it all comes down to it, they’re just guys who like each other, enjoying physical contact with each other, some more than others. None of them seem to care who knows about it.
Thanks for playing. We’ll do this again sometime soon.
Bulgarian boys having fun “consulting” in the wrestling pit.
Have a safe, fun weekend. Find someone to consult with.

Be loved,




  1. Lemuel Says:

    I hope you are able to do it again. I think reading the results are better than the pictures, but of course, no pictures no results.

    Your comment to the young ‘uns about picking up dates at the “Y” dug up some well buried memories. I may have to compose a post about those some day.

  2. Kalvin Says:

    Wow, that pic would be so hot if I had a scat twink fetish. Too bad I don’t. Not that I judge those who do. 😉

  3. matt Says:

    The results are cool.

    Enjoy your, um, consultation. LOL! Enjoy! Play in the mud!!

  4. Sober @ Sundown Says:

    Hi Daniel.

    Hope you are doing well.–>

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