Am I the only one who thinks about stuff like this?

“Come Johnny, it’s time for your protein pudding snack!”

Be loved,




  1. Lemuel Says:

    Stuff like that is usually SO tasty too! mmmm-mm. 😦

  2. matt Says:

    That looks like it might be sort of healthy. Pudding and health do not belong together in my book. I just ate a giant brownie for dinner with a big Diet Coke. Yummmmm. Good and good for me.

    well, I can pretend anyways.

  3. Ur-spo Says:

    looks suspicious
    Solyent Brown comes to mind….

  4. Derreck Says:

    It looks like some disgusting watery pudding without any milk-chocolate taste… as udual.

    I prefer a real pudding… ych

  5. Kalvin Says:

    I love pudding…and I used to like the fat free ones. What’s so wrong with this? It’s not that bad. Then again, I prefer my protein shakes with water instead of milk.

  6. Knottyboy Says:

    The only way this could be made better is if it were brushed on the stoney abs of an adonis. Good eatin’

  7. Robguy Says:

    not even close to the only one. How can you not have thoughts when you see something like that… mmmm

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