Pic taken from a Gay Rams Dating site. I love Duke’s dreads. Give him a call, he’s waiting.

Speaking for the Prime Minister, Melanie Gruer told the press after the Pope’s statement, “The government respects and is fully aware of the pope’s position on the matter of same-sex marriage and any decision on that issue will be taken by the Parliament of Canada.” The Link is found here. It’s a skanky site, though.
The Prime Minister is also refusing to defend against cases brought by Gay activists, virtually ensuring the support of the Canadian Courts.
Once you wade through the Diplomatic doublespeak, I think you’ll see I summarized it nicely in yesterday’s post:

Headline We’d Like To See:
Canada Tells Pope To Stick Head Up Ass

I promise to use my powers for good, and not evil. ***************************************************
Queer Sheep and Related Matters- I can’t stop flogging this. In America we don’t want to fund research on AIDS, but this University in Oregon has mammoth programs killing hundreds of monkeys a year to do research into nicotine addiction for giant Tobacco corporations, killing animals basically just to run up statistics for tobacco companies and their insurance and legal representatives.
But the U.S. body politic doesn’t want to fund AIDS research because of an unspoken judgment against gays, as though they brought it on themselves. It’s bad enough that the Religious Right and their lackeys in our ChristoFascist Government espouse this line, but gay people do it too, all the time. It’s almost the same as when we were little children, the “good” boys and girls denouncing the “bad” children to see who could get the most approval. The “good”, responsible gays scold the “bad” gays for not putting on their rubbers, as though not putting on a rubber causes the disease. It’s a VIRUS, people. The virus caused the disease.
All actions have consequences, naturally. But really, that’s just something we like to say. In America we have a sliding scale of responsibility. Normally, if a sufferer is young and good looking, he or she is deemed worthy of help. If they’re old, ugly, fat or poor, there is unspoken suspicion of personal shortcoming, a presumption that they brought it upon themselves. If you don’t believe me, just go to any community health clinic and clock how long each patient has to wait for attention. Young, pretty people get to see the doctor quicker, and they see the doctor longer. Old, unattractive people, especially singles, wait longer and see the doctor for shorter periods of time. At the end of the day, when a choice has to be made as to who will get in at all, it’s easy to predict who will make it in.
Sometimes it’s appropriate to base decisions on youth and beauty. If the life boat is too crowded, we expect the oldster, especially if he’s a single male, to nobly sacrifice his life so the young couple can stay together. Of course he should, or we wouldn’t see it in so many Hollywood movies.
The only time I ever saw a woman in a film freely give up her life so that others might live was in the ’70’s movie, the Poseidon Adventure. It was Shelley Winters and it was ok because she was fat. Ask any film maker; they’ll tell you. If she had been attractive and died, the movie would have bombed. But since she was fat and died, it was ok.The viewer may have had a twinge of regret, but he got over it.There may be exceptions to this rule in filmdom, but that’s the point; they’re exceptions.
With AIDS, that principle seems to work in reverse. An otherwise healthy young man with HIV stands automatically accused and judged of bringing it on himself. He doesn’t deserve help. Didn’t he know that he’s supposed to use a condom?
Every adult and most children know that what goes around comes around. Life doesn’t happen in a vacuum. But perhaps we should look in another direction for shared responsibility. Any government that spends billions of dollars killing monkeys to study nicotine addiction on behalf of Tobacco companies and “curing” homosexual sheep in behalf of Religious Ideologues, but neglecting AIDS research, has it’s priorities backward. Backward in an ugly and barbaric way.
The U.S. spends over 600 billion dollars a year on the military, more than the rest of the whole world combined. We’ve spent another 300 billion occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, and look what we’ve accomplished there.
It might cost 20 to 50 billion a year at most to provide universal free health care in this country. Why not? We could just skip one unnecessary war and cover that. Perhaps if we gave up on our hobby of running third world countries into the ground they wouldn’t hate us so much, and we could save most of that 600 “billion with a b” dollars.
Why not spend 20 to 30 billion on serious research to eradicate disease, rather than give Tobacco companies a handout by doing their actuarial research for them?
Perhaps we need to leave behind our habit of determining social welfare based on supposed merit. Perhaps we could reconsider that line about “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Maybe that should include healthcare in a modern society.
Kalvin at Hello Waffles is featuring an ongoing discussion of AIDS research and treatment in America. You should check it out (check him out, too).
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  1. Lemuel Says:

    Daniel, your were cranked for this one, and rightly so. You touched on a number of hot button issues for me, too: imbecilic priorities of govenment spending, the cult of the “good looking” [it is more wide spread than medical clinic as I am sure you know], and the ever popular “gays deserve ever evil they suffer because – well – they’re gay.”, and many, many more. Thanks for ranting. It needs to be said.

    And let’s stop being our own worst enemies!

  2. tornwordo Says:

    Great post. I would be a member of the choir you’re preaching to.

  3. Derreck Says:

    I wanted to go live in Canada actually… for years.

    But then that’s so f*cking far away from my parents, and I do like them… sometimes. Ireland is the new country-crush I have. Definitly going to live there.

    Second I give Canada my divine blessings for not stopping gay marriage, and not taking any advice from that nazi-pope from Mussolini Italy. People should care for each other, but mind their own business when their care is not appreciated or completely insane, the latter concerns this one.

  4. Kalvin Says:

    Thanks for mentioning me Daniel, but I don’t know if I was quite as eloquent as you. The research thing is very upsetting I must agree. And I agree with the shared responsibility thing. I think the point I was trying to make, and didn’t do very well, is that we are only making temporal space between blame in the gay community. After aquisition of the virus, we say we don’t care how it was acquired. Before we place blame, shame, call names, deride and distance ourselves. How are these then later HIV-positive men suppose to not feel as if the community isn’t “blaming” them when they see something that in many ways is quite the opposite?

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