1. My short term memory to come back. I miss it.
2. To lose weight more easily
3. To speak French
4. To go to France
5. To have a French boyfriend
6. To live on a little farm in the south of France where I can write everyday and don’t have to remember stuff, and just play house with my French boyfriend.
7. Maybe the same thing but in Ireland, with a red headed boyfriend.
8. A piece of hot homemade apple pie, made with those tart green apples, with some super sharp cheese melted on top of it, with a cup of good espresso.
9. A Mens Fitness body, instead of the Dollar Store body I have now.
10. To be 18 again, but not such an emotional trainwreck.
11. To be better at linear thinking. Oh hell, to be at least basically competent at linear thinking.
12. A better integrated personality. There’s at least three of me that I know of.
13. To love cleaning.
14. The dishes to wash themselves.
15. My boss to have nothing but approval for me.
16. Organized Christianity(and most of the other religions as well) to admit for once and all that they totally screwed it up, fire themselves, and start all over again.
17. A really good steak like they have at the Outback, double seasoned and seared, medium rare prime rib cooked as a steak, with one of those Blooming Onion thingies on the side.
18. My shorts to quit bunching up so savagely.
19. Kindness to replace social Darwinism as the dominant social and spiritual ethic in America.
20. Everyone(meaning me mostly, of course) to finally get it that they belong to everyone else.
21. My cat would quit hogging the bed at night. Every Single Night.
22. My cat who makes me rub her butt in bed would magically transform into a man demanding that I rub his butt in bed. He can hog my bed as much as he wants.
23. That he would always be there demanding that I rub his butt.

It’s the simple things…

Be loved,



12 Responses to “I WANT…”

  1. Lemuel Says:

    Can you xerox that list for me too? I was with you going down that list and agreeing pleasantly with your desires (reflecting many of my own), but when I got to numbers 22 and 23, I’m sorry, but I just had to pump my fist in the air and hoot and holler! Oh ye-ah! (and will he let me rub more than his butt? and will he — oh my — I think I had better let that to my fantasies)

  2. Kalvin Says:

    I wish I loved cleaning too! It would make my relationship so much easier. And don’t think that guy would do that every night for you either. Huh. And I highly doubt you have a dollar store body, although I’m not quite sure I know what one is. And one last bit. Thanks for not posting some 9/11 memoriam…I know I’m an ass, but more people have died, and so much shit has come out of it, that it makes me feel like we’re missing the point. Yes, thrown your stones now.

  3. Mikey Says:

    try this..
    I have
    1)my memories
    2)have food
    3)the ability to learn
    5)people who care
    6)the ability to create
    8) money to go to a restaurant
    9) a functioning body
    10) wisdom
    11) thoughts
    12) a respect for diversity
    13) a house to clean
    14) dishes to wash
    15) a job
    16) spirituality
    17) great taste buds
    18) underwear without holes
    19) ethics
    20) ability to share love
    21) a bed to sleep in
    22) a pet that loves me
    23) dreams of butts
    See, it is all perspective!!!

  4. DanNation Says:

    C’est un garcon tres chaud sur la blog. Le France est tres bien – j’espere que tu y vas habiter. Bonsoir and tout bien!

  5. Ur-spo Says:

    I’ll take the irishman if you settle for the frenchman. Deal?

  6. Sober @ Sundown Says:

    I agree with Mikey, it’s all in the perspective, and maybe in dreams of breasts……

  7. Em Says:

    Oh I like what Kalvin said. I hadn’t thought of it that way. (The memorials I mean.)

    The I have list made me feel grateful for a moment, and after speaking to my mother in law I was ready to hang myself, so thanks Mikey!

    I just discovered that I want #16 deeply. It was a shock seeing on your list. Oh, I know we have the same stuff there, but I was surprised when I discovered that I want them to admit it. Oh, and #20. Yes. Oh and #18 too.

    (I’m in a Dark Place. So I have been Avoiding Blogs. I apologise for my absence.)

  8. matt Says:

    I like to clean but I can’t speak French. …and, I took it for 4 full years in college.

    Je suis fromage…

  9. tornwordo Says:

    God I want pie now.

  10. Jim Says:

    Daniel, I can relate to most of your list, swapping out French for Italian and Irish for Lebanese, but please, for the love of all that is holy, reconsider #13 🙂

  11. The Persian Says:

    who are those pictures of at the end of the post? YUM! 🙂

  12. Sam Says:

    Oooh… interesting list? Mind if I borrow it sometime? =)

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