My dog peed on my homework. That’s only slightly more imaginative than “Blogger ate my post”, but today it may have to suffice. My creative well is dry, dry, dry tonight.
I promise I’ll have something substantive for you tomorrow. I Promise! Quit hounding me.
How I really feel tonight.

Just feeling friendly.

Going for the soft underbelly.

Just wanting a little “you” time.

Be loved,


7 Responses to “SERENE SUNDAY”

  1. Kalvin Says:

    I’m not hounding you! I have full faith in your creative capacities. Thanks for being friendly.

  2. Em Says:

    Yeah, what Kalvin said. Plus, oh the cute little puppy!

  3. Ur-spo Says:

    i would like the puppy, please

  4. AHK Says:

    I really enjoy the pictures you post. Your words, which I also love to read, will come flowing back soon.


  5. Lemuel Says:

    Let’s just say that despite your own dry spell, you inpired us with the pictures and got our creative juices flowing.

  6. tornwordo Says:

    Take a break. Walk in the desert. Breathe. Patient, we are.

  7. The Persian Says:

    those pictures will do, er for now anyway 🙂

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