I know this is six months behind the times, but I’m listening to Liza today, and remembering how incredible she is, and how awesome she was in New York, New York.

March 16, 2006, and Liza Minnelli was guesting on Larry King Live.
Aging Homo’s all over the world were riveted to their TV’s.
Angry Evangelicals were holding prayer vigils, gathering in living rooms across the country to burn Liza dolls in effigy.
As one can imagine, a night of Spiritual Warfare. Angels dressed as Cabaret dancers warring in the Heavenlies, light sabers at the ready.
Liza was still lovely, although after two hip replacements and a couple of husbands, she’s looking a bit grandmotherly these days.
After the usual guest/host blather, the time came for Larry and Liza to field callers. A female viewer calls in to ask a loaded question. You could hear the tension in the her voice.
“Are you a Christian?” All kinds of accusatory overtones in the caller’s voice, sounding like a pot of poisoned honey.
Liza learned how to side step this kind of stuff when she was in the cradle, however. She simply smiled sweetly, answering in a chirpy, happy voice, “Why, yes! I’m Episcopalian!”She then sat back, beaming.
Larry King frowned.
Silence on the caller line.
Lisa continued beaming. I almost expected her to start talking about last weeks Pot Luck Supper for the women’s Missionary Circle, and wasn’t the green bean Salad delicious?
But she just beamed.
On the caller line, you could faintly hear springs coming loose in the woman’s head, as the top of her head began to bubble.
Liza Can’t Be a Christian.
After all, her dad was gay, her mom chased her drugs with alcohol, and Liza’s had her own problems in that area, and she’s been married to several homaseckshuls. To top it all off, she made sexy movies for which she never tearfully repented.
Liza just smiled right on,
like she was patiently waiting for the caller to get it.
I got the feeling it might take a while.
But it was a great moment.
Thanks, Liza.

Be loved,



14 Responses to “I LIKE LIZA”

  1. Em Says:

    Wow, what a great moment. That smiling and being friendly in the face of obsessive mental illness is a ninja move I am practising. It is great seeing a master perform it.

    Hey, in other news I heard an interview of John Danforth yesterday. He was saying all sorts of great things about how conservative christians (though they understand the Law and are useful in bringing it up) are being divisive and that they don’t have the market on God’s Word. It was cool to hear a Christian GOP guy saying all that, and in a deep sexy voice too.

  2. Ur-spo Says:

    bless her!
    every few years she marries one of us!
    And if there is any faltering of her fans, she has the trump card –
    “do it for MOTHER!”

  3. JR Says:

    Im so confused. What does being Christain prove? Christians havent exactly been very loving and peaceful people historically. Ugh, this country. It is like we want to be Israel but with Jesus. We would maybe replace our flag with a big cross…

    I enjoyed her on the Actor’s Studio and although I like her a little. I LOVE her mother’s work. Damn MGM for hooking a child on pills to get her thin and keep her going. I guess not much has changed in Hollywood.

  4. VeryApeAZ Says:

    I’ve never been a huge Liza fan. I know that makes me a bad gay, but she didn’t appeal to me. That is until I saw her in Arrested Development. She was so freaking funny!

  5. Scott Says:

    I like her too. She has had a rough life. It couldn’t have been easy being Judy’s daughter.

    She probably enjoyed every minute of that. I love when narrow minded people who are jumping to conclusions land right in the mud.

    I don’t care for her music, but for her spirit. I tried to watch Caberet One time and I had to turn it off… Different strokes for different folks.

    I listen to Queen, ELO, John Denver, Toby Keith… but I think Liza could hold her own in Honky Tonk with big bad baby Toby Keith. At least the Liza of a few years ago.

    Ok… now to be mean… do you think she kept smiling because she was afraid her face would fall off if she didn’t?

  6. Enemy of the Republic Says:

    Liza rules. I’ve seen her live twice. Man, can she put on a show and can she sing. No wonder Freddy Mercury idolized her. I don’t care at all about the personal issues: Liza is a trooper who has faced incredible demons and made it. God bless her.

  7. Lubridan Says:

    I have never understood the whole Liza/Judy thing.

    Angela Lansbury, though….!

  8. Nathan Says:

    Well sure she could be Christian 🙂 You and are Christian, and we’re gay.

    But that is classic! I love the response she gave, so witty.

    I’m just beginning to acquire an appreciation for Liza. I saw Cabaret for the first time last month. What a brilliant movie. She is awesome.

  9. Kalvin Says:

    I think I saw this, and I have to admit that I was surprised by her resopnse. You’re probably correct about the intentions of the caller though. Sigh, the world…

  10. john Says:

    Sorry, although I knew she was an icon, I never was really into her. Maybe it’s cause I don’t like her music or the whole showtunes thing.
    But I do think she’s a great person as far as people go.

  11. Greg Says:

    That has to be one of the best responses. Good for Liza!

  12. The Persian Says:

    I’ve always had a tremendous respect for Liza. She has in fact had an incredibly traumatic life.

  13. matt Says:

    No matter what — she burned the screen and pop culture forever with her work in CABARET. She rules. …even if she does scare me a bit sometimes. LOL!

  14. tornwordo Says:

    Aw, you gotta love liza. I wish I had seen it. Her performance in Cabaret is one of the greatest of the century.

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