Gary didn’t like to be hugged. At the Lutheran church he attended with his family, he always slunk by the Pastor, afraid he would be grabbed and bear hugged. At school, he would always shy away from the pats on the back handed out by teachers and coaches. He never even went out on dates, or hung out with other boys.
He just didn’t like to be hugged.
What no one knew, and he had always kept a secret, was that there was a button on his back. When this button was pressed Gary would uncontrollably speak everything that was on his mind for at least five minutes, or until his batteries ran down. But until then, he couldn’t control anything coming out of his mouth.
This had caused him some awkward moments in the past, until he had learned how to avoid huggers.
One day shortly after his sixteenth birthday, in the checkout line at the supermarket, he had forgotten an item in the bottom of the cart. The store manager accused him of attempting to steal a bag of kitty litter. Gary was politely telling the clerk that Kitty litter was far too bulky an item to hide in the bottom of the cart, but the manager ignored his protest, obviously wanting to make an example of him. At this moment, Gary’s Pastor walked up, coming to Gary’s defense.
“I’ve known this young man for years. He and his family attend my church faithfully. I’m positive that Gary didn’t intend to do anything wrong.”
As the Pastor spoke, the store manager visibly began to calm down, sensing that the young man was no longer easy prey. Gary felt a passionate gratitude toward his Pastor, who had come to his defense, even when he had avoided him all these years. He dared to look up into Pastor Steve’s kind eyes.
Pastor Steve guided Gary over to a quiet corner to help him calm down.”It’s not so bad, Gary. I forget things a lot myself, you know.” This was the first time Gary had encountered Pastor Steve outside of church, and Gary was a little disoriented at seeing him for the first time without his usual full length priests outfit. A reasonably good looking man, single and just out of seminary, he was wearing a pull over shirt that revealed a nice rug of chest hair. Gary felt a stirring down below. He had just begun experiencing those kind of feelings over the past year, and they rattled him and excited him at the same time. But he was becoming more and more sure of what they meant, and knew that he liked it.
Without warning, before Gary could escape, Pastor Steve reached out and gave Gary a big, deep, reassuring hug.
Suddenly Gary felt the loosening in his tongue, and he knew it was too late. As his mouth opened, Gary knew that resistance was futile.
“Pastor, do you have hair like that all over, because I love your hair. I want to rub my face in it and smell you,” he began, with the sinking sensation that his life as he had known it, for good or bad, was over.
Pastor Steve was at first visibly alarmed, glancing quickly around for eavesdroppers. Then he suddenly grinned, putting his arm over Gary’s shoulder and hurrying him out to his car.
Gary, realizing that he was still alive, realized that maybe he had gotten it all wrong. Perhaps this could be fun.
Some sensual, some not, but all sharing the warmth of touch.

Morning partner yoga

buds at the beach

big brothers protective care

Who knows?

Be loved,



14 Responses to “GARY’S SECRET”

  1. Kalvin Says:

    I like this story. Sometimes what we are most afraid of is what is really the key to our own liberation.

  2. Scott Says:

    I too am afraid of hugs. When we went to MCC I hated the sharing moment. Hugging people… all those scents.

    Some guys pushed my button today. I’m not used to having my buttons pushed, but after talking with Jim, I decided it wasn’t that bad.

    but come to TIOF to find out the end of the story.

  3. Ur-spo Says:

    i don’t recall that yoga pose in any of the classes??

  4. msliberty Says:

    I had a not so good day today, and came to your blog for the peace I always feel when I visit here.

    Thanks, as always.

  5. matt Says:

    Nice story!

    Go out there and get a hug!!!

  6. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert Says:

    Kal- Bingo!
    Scott-I’m just an unrepentant hugger. I learned to control it, because others don’t always like it like I do.
    Ur-Spo-Perhaps you could incorporate it into your routine. It looks as though it’s bound to exercise all kinds of important muscle groups.
    msliberty-Thanks. I hope your day improves.
    matt-Thanks, Matt. I think I’m going in pursuit of a hug.

  7. Lemuel Says:

    beautiful story (as always) and awesome pics (as always).

    somehow I suspect it is more than a story.

  8. John Says:

    I could use a good hug.

    Great story what is yet to come?

    Good pics. Good way to start the day.

    Have a great day.

  9. The Persian Says:

    that was wonderful, even tho the end is a little sleezy 🙂


  10. Nathan Says:

    I must be getting this wrong 🙂

    So after Gary told Pastor Steve that he wanted to rub his face in his hair, the Pastor rushed him out to the car. Does this mean the Pastor is about to molest a 16-year-old?

    I must have missed something somewhere, because nobody else seemed to mention it.

    Ah, well, I love hugs too!

  11. Em Says:

    That moment of finding out that your worst secret isn’t really that bad. Wow. Nice.

  12. Butchieboy Says:

    It’s getting juicy, now. Good job, you fuckin perv!

  13. Foxy Stone Says:

    but what if your worst nightmare was true
    what if your dreams came to life
    and suddenly you didn’t want them anymore
    what would gary do then.
    please tell me.

  14. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert Says:

    Lemuel-you are a very sharp man.
    John- Cyberhug being sent to you as I write this. Hope it is augmented by a flesh and blood hug as well.
    Persian-It’s in the eye of the beholder
    Nathan-Read the following post, where I discuss this.
    em-Thanks. Our worst secrets usually aren’t all that big a deal, are they?
    Butchieboy-You make me soooo hot. Can I please touch it?
    Foxy stone- I can’t tell you what to do, because I don’t always know myself. I can tell you that you have love in your life now. That’s an awesome thing, to have someone in your life who absolutely adores you.

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