I seem to live in a zoned out state, not meaning Arizona. Although Arizona is rich in herbal halucinogens, that’s not what I meant. I meant that I don’t need anything herbal. I’m dithering. Let me start over.
Recently, I sent a letter to a beloved friend, living in Canada. I’m perfectly well aware that Canada is a sovereign nation, with their own taxes, their own postal rates, their own government, in short all the accoutrements of a civilized nation. As far as I know, they even have television.
So it would follow then that I should check on the postal rates to send letters into Canada. That would be the most elementally simple thing to do. Except I didn’t do it. The day after I sent it, something in my head went “Sproing”, and I called the Postmaster General of our desert mining town, who cheerfully informed me that my letter had been sent along and somewhere down the line it would be tagged and sent back. She also told me to remember to bring the wine to the Luau, but that’s not part of the story. I was a little nervous because there was money in the envelope, not a lot, but any amount makes it stealable.
Well, a miracle occurred. The post office sent it through, even though it had insufficient postage.
My friend wrote me to tell me it had arrived. I had as much pleasure hearing from him as knowing the letter arrived.
P.G. Wodehouse, one of the great stylistic masters of the English language, lived on the 10th floor of a Manhattan hotel. When he was writing to his friends, he would carefully address and stamp the envelope and throw it out the window. A passerby would invariably spot it and put it in the mailbox. He was a wonderful man.

This Joe Phillips image portrays my predisposition toward law enforcement pretty well. I stole this from Derreck, the hottest boy philosopher on the block.
Be Loved,




  1. Lemuel Says:

    So, are you saying you want to play post office with a cop?

  2. Jason Says:

    Glad your postal story had a happy ending!
    What part of Phoenix can you find cops like that? Mine just give me a ticket and send me on my merry way…

  3. Sober @ Sundown Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Love the story about PJ Wodehouse.

    When I put my outgoing mail out for the postman (hanging outside the mailbox with the stamps facing up), he opens the mailbox, dumps my mail all over the ground, and put the new stuff in. We got some of the dumbest down here…..

  4. Ur-spo Says:

    not only do they have TV in Canada they have the CBC!

    “Americans know as much about Canada a straight men know about being gay” 😀

  5. Foxy Stone Says:

    “No sir, I haven’t been drinking.”

    “Come here boy and kiss me.”


    “I want to make sure you don’t have booze on your breath…”


    *smooch smooch*

    “Oh sir, is that a taser in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”

    *cue porno music*

  6. tornwordo Says:

    The universe must have helped that along. Or maybe just lazy postal workers, lol.

  7. The Persian Says:

    That’s great the letter went thru anyway! Oh and if you are handing out cash I’m in the USA, normal postal rates apply, want my addy? lol


  8. Kalvin Says:

    Hooray for the postal service working!

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