The Things I Do
I’m typing this as I’m waiting for the glue to dry on my envelope. I’m using a stamp that I placed on another envelope that was never sent. Instead of just tossing it like reasonable people would do, I steamed it off so that I could reuse it. Problem is, the backing is gone. I looked for the super glue, finding it behind an old birds nest in a drawer that I haven’t explored for ages.
The glue had long since gone the way of all flesh, having crumbled to dust along with the Sphinx’s mother.
Then I remembered back in third grade science class how we combined flour and water to make paste. I applied the mixture vigorously to the back of the stamp, affixing it to the envelope, and now am waiting for it to dry. At that point I should be able to post it. It’s quite urgent that I get this out this week.
I hope the I.R.S. appreciates the lengths to which I go for them.
The Encounter

This shot captures the instant when you first sense the mysterious depth of the one you’re with, a sacred moment. Either that, or he hasn’t eaten in a while.

These two seem to be in their own world, carefree and serene.

There’s passion and mystery between these two worthy of a John Lecarre mystery.

Be loved,



8 Responses to “FRIDAY FUN”

  1. headbang8 Says:


    You’ve been damaged, haven’t you?

    No-one can desire spiritual communion with his fellow human beings, yet spurn it so.

    What makes you distrust other people like this? OK, I’ll rephrase that, because there’s plenty of reasons NOT to trust people.

    But most of us find our animal instinct to bond with our own species leads us to try and try again, until finally, human connections are made. And they enrich the soul as much as the rats and Saguaro cactus.

    Just being yourself is “being” something for someone. You and the coyote, maybe? I am at my best for the ones I love when I am still, quiet, at peace, at one with them. It’s the foundation of my relationship with my guy. We’re the cactus and the coyote.

    A beautiful piece of writing. Take care to do more of them.

  2. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert Says:

    Headbang8-I’ve been waiting for a while for you to announce yourself. I’m delighted that you did so. Thanks for your thoughts. You’re always welcome to share them, and they will always find a listening ear. please drop by as often as you like.

  3. Mikey Says:

    Aren’t you just the ms. susie homemaker with the flour and water!! Have a good weekend my friend

  4. Kalvin Says:

    You can’t be serious daniel? Flour and water for the IRS? Is this civil disobedience or what? And no certified mail or return receipt? Well, it’s cool nonetheless.

  5. tornwordo Says:

    I would have just scotch taped it. But your idea is far gayer, lol.

  6. Lemuel Says:

    I’m sure the IRS will keep you on its mailing list regardless.

  7. The Persian Says:

    what powerful images, that first one (and your caption) reminded me of something I have somehow managed to forget. That is, looking into the eyes of the one you love and realizing it for the first time.


  8. Nathan Says:

    Wow, you’re very inventive with your stamps. Ditto to what Tornwordo said about the tape đŸ˜›

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