Look in my eyes
For I mean you no ill
The thing that you fear
Is not dying but life
In me what you see
Is absolute unity,
Experienced need
Joins to instant fulfillment.
I need what I take
And I take what I need,
I cannot be stopped
For my nature is motion.
When the fire in my belly
Runs hot then I prey,
Searching for sacrifice
to feed to the flame.
I see not your heart,
your hopes, your emotions,
but only the yearning
for freedom in burning,
to be consumed by the fire
of the god in my belly.
For my friend, The Wolfman

Be loved,



7 Responses to “AS LUPUS SEIZE HIS PREY”

  1. The Persian Says:

    What a beautiful poem. We fear what we don’t understand most often. Yes I’m still afraid of being eaten by a pack of wolves, but reading that puts a new perspective on it.

    You always have the most amazing verse up.


  2. Joshua Says:

    Very beautiful; but if this is in reference to you – I hope you are alright 🙂

  3. Mikey Says:


  4. Kalvin Says:

    that’s so sweet of you, D. It’s funny how I can see echoes of your comments to S in here, and I like the way you interplay the pagan and the christian. Or maybe that’s just because I read the other stuff you wrote in comments.

  5. john Says:

    Wolves scare me.

  6. Ur-spo Says:

    I love wolves rather.
    And your poem was lovely thank you.

  7. Foxy Stone Says:

    the firey screen
    delays the soul’s ascention
    i prefer the carnal
    to the secular
    the tender fuck
    to the frosty dinner reply
    laying in a den
    romping in the sheets
    dancing to the beat
    of two wild hearts
    peace has found me
    god has assured me
    that for only me
    the world turns around

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