I saw this on Derek‘s blog.

*I AM: an immovable mountain.
*I WANT: to meet an irresistible force.
*I HAVE: great patience, great love in my life, consuming curiousity, tremendous strength, friends who love me, a finely honed sense of the bizarre, an enjoyment of the farcical, and a love of the salacious.
*I WISH: I have no wishes, only strong desires.
*I HATE: feeling pulled into other people’s agendas.
*I MISS: Quinn. Raucous, foolish, half crazy, passionate, thoughtful Quinn. The man who would shoot holes in the ceiling to prove a point. The crazy one who was always there.
*I FEAR: To be born is to enter into a lifelong combat with the forces of fear and nihilism.
*I HEAR: very quiet music out in the desert late at night.
*I WONDER: what it feels like to experience pure reality without any filters or mental censors.
*I LOVE: the feel of a man’s hand on me.
*I ALWAYS: look for a person’s truth, and what evokes their awe.
*I AM NOT: selfish.
*I AM NOT ALWAYS: successful at relating with women.
*I NEED: more time to finish my story, to move to San Francisco, to dedicate myself more to my craft, to find an obliging bear chaser, to go up the mountain for a couple of weeks until my system regulates itself.
*I SHOULD: just relax and enjoy the ride.
*I LIKE: to just watch life unfold around me.
*I BELIEVE: everyone has a sense of the divine in them, and a capacity for unselfish love.
Pondering the Imponderables…

A Structured Inquiry.

As though the knowledge of his own power is just dawning in his awareness.

The incomparable Joe D’Allesandro.

Be loved,



7 Responses to “I AM I WANT I HAVE”

  1. JR Says:

    That was a good (does it qualify as a “meme” as Kalvin has schooled me on their name.) Of course I dont even know if it hit all ath erequired attributes, but I like knowing those things about you and yes you should live in the city by the bay, but Im always selling this place. I just adore it and would like to hand pick the residents and include you.

  2. Lemuel Says:

    Thanks for sharing more about yourself. I just confirms my good thoughts about you and the depth of your being. I have this meme set aside for one of my “fallow periods”.

  3. Ur-spo Says:

    nice post-
    I promise to turn the music down though.

  4. Mikey Says:

    WOW…WOW!!!So much in common! Well said and I am so glad that you have

    Much love

  5. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert Says:

    JR-I was always the last one picked for teams as a kid. So I really like being picked to be on your team. Thanks
    Lemuel- My being has to be deep, otherwise I couldn’t keep all the trash that’s been tossed in there stuffed safely down at the bottom.
    Ur Spo- I almost made a crack about hoping to encounter a drunken bear party out in the desert, as I thought my original statement too gay. Then I decided, “The Hell with it, I Am Gay!” There have to be some perks, after all(other than getting to have sex with men).
    Mikey-I know you’re a Watcher, too.
    And unlike many, when you look, you usually “see” what’s going on. And you still like people. That’s pretty rare.

  6. The Persian Says:

    *I BELIEVE: everyone has a sense of the divine in them, and a capacity for unselfish love.

    that one moved me Daniel, I believe it too.

    and that second to last picture is now my wallpaper 🙂

  7. Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" Says:

    Your writing is always so amazing, Daniel… So poetic, even when answering a meme (or is it a meme per JR?)

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