I could probably write something today, but I’m not at all sure it would be worth reading. I thought you might enjoy these photos of young Frenchmen enjoying their ability to create such compelling images with their bodies. I’ve said it before;I love the French, even when they are at their Frenchest. Maybe especially then.

You almost expect the fountain to start spouting, don’t you? That might be fun.

Jean Louis takes such pleasure and pride in his ability to sustain this pose. I believe he takes even more pleasure in knowing that others receive pleasure from it as well.

This is not trick photography. A pleasing and very complex image.

The brilliance of the light and the skin tones are astonishing, as well as Farrah’s obvious physical gifts.

Bruno, in black and white. Only one man I know has chest hair as beautifully patterned as this. He knows who he is…

You can always tell when an artist is motivated by a desire to give of himself or herself. How beautifully he reveals the affection and friendship between these two.

These two are sharing much more than a bicycle, aren’t they?

Be loved,


5 Responses to “PHOTO FRIDAY”

  1. Sober @ Sundown Says:

    Hi Daniel, hope all is well with you.

  2. Michael Guy Says:

    Nummy Nums! “Thanks” for the eye candy treats! Have a good weekend!

  3. shs Says:

    god thats hawt. if only i could post that on my blog.

  4. Shaney Says:

    Some fantastic visual points made…Eye Candy-Feast!
    Great Blog buddy!
    Keep it going!

  5. Six Shooter Says:

    Mmmmm great pics

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