First of several parts, depending on how wrapped up I get in this, but it’s a pretty interesting story.
Some good friends of mine, Jim and Holly, like to lend me their car whenever they go out of town. This accomplishes several good things. One of the things it does is provide concrete proof of their love for me, too much of which proof I can never get(Good grammar can sound so clunky).
Another worthy goal this action accomplishes is to prevent their car from being stolen out of their driveway, while they’re not present to post a guard over it.
A third objective that this gift of a loaner brings to pass is that it enables me to remember what it’s like to drive an automobile.
The fourth, and by no means the least, is that it gives me the opportunity to check in on the bar scene.
Ordinarily during the time during which I’m enjoying their extraordinary largesse, I make several trips down to Tucson to hit my favorite shops, scare the chef at my preferred Chinese Buffet, provide some fond memories for the regular patrons at the neighborhood bar, and go to the Techno stores to gaze longingly at all the newest hardware that I won’t be getting for at least a year or two, when it goes on sale. I also spend some time cruising a certain local Supermarket, where I’ve had good luck in the past.
Last week, all these things happened, and more.

Tomorrow: The Encounter.
His Infinite Variety…

Man, in Presentation…

At Home,

And Abroad,

At Work,

And At Play.

Be Loved,




  1. Lemuel Says:

    we’ll look forward as always

  2. Kalvin Says:

    It’s always so funny to hear about driving and then going to a bar, but I’m sure you’re a good girl.

  3. Mikey Says:

    Can’t wait till tomorrow!!! BTW The guy at home is absolutely adorable and I want to fuck the guy on the hood of his Rubicon

  4. Michael Guy Says:

    Where do YOU find these pics?

    :: fanning self ::

  5. Sober @ Sundown Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Have fun cruising….

  6. JR Says:

    let’s mix the car with these boys and really have some automobile fun…

  7. Ur-spo Says:

    the car arrangement sounds a win=win situation.
    where do you find these young lads, anyway?

  8. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert Says:

    Kalvin, no worries, luv, I only drink tonic and lime, but any poor schmuck who falls into my clutches is forced to drink back to back boilermakers until he’s putty in my hands. Well, really hard putty…

  9. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert Says:

    Mikey-I adore the “at home” guy, myself. I want to be all up in there, if ya know what I mean.

    Lemuel- I just love your name. I don’t think I ever told you that.

    Michael G and Ur-spo I’ve been a collector for a while now, I guess.
    And Jim and Holly are good, good friends. I love them dearly.

    JR-You gas up the Mustang, and I’ll buy the wine. We’ll blow Main Street wide open.

    Sober-Is “NearBeer” ok? We’ll lay in a case for you. Or we can get you some ginger ale.

  10. Jason Says:

    i need a beer boy like that! does he do light dusting too?

  11. Maddog Says:

    You get all this from borrowing a car and driving to Tucson. I’m quitting my job tomorrow and moving to Arizona.

  12. Foxy Stone Says:


    what hardware were you looking at? The stuff on the shelf, or the stuff in the cute attendants’ pants?

  13. Sam Says:

    Oh god… the pool picture is just soooooooo hawt. =P

  14. Mikey Says:

    Talkong about borrowing..I used one of your pic on my blog

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