I found this on a Myspace hunting expedition. As to who wrote it, I must draw the veil of privacy over that information.
So I was walking down to Piggly Wiggly the other day and I saw this dead rat in the gutter, so I picked it up and put it in my pocket like I’m going to give it to my cat to play with when I get home, but it felt so good in my pocket, I didn’t really want to give it to my cat. It started to get all warm and soft and everything. And then it started moving around like it wasn’t really dead, and I totally like “lost it”, if ya know what I mean. It was so hot man. Then the rat jumped out and ran away before I could get it’s phone number or name or anything.
I’ve been hanging around that gutter a lot since then, hoping to run into him again.
Casual Friday

Be loved,


Coming Tomorrow:Part II of Borrowed Car, Borrowed Life.
Coming Sunday:Special Edition:Women Who Love Women.


10 Responses to “A RAT TALE”

  1. JR Says:

    OMG! That’s hilarious. I love the torn jeans pic too.

  2. Ur-spo Says:

    picking up rats dead or alive is not good judgment.

  3. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert Says:

    ur-spo-Relax, Mom!

  4. Greg Says:

    Hey DEL, thanks for linking to my blog today! You may also enjoy the pics I have on my other one: http://enuspride3.blogspot.com/

    I love your blog and its great comments and pics … and the rat tale!!


  5. Mikey Says:

    If i did not know better, I would say that was a pic of me in the ripped jeans…I had a pair just like them…the front had a big rip on the opposite side…they made me a shit load of money!!!

  6. Foxy Stone Says:

    rats carry disease… get a gerbil, they’re more freindly and i hear the fit nicely in an ass

  7. stevie.be. Says:

    somebody start a new jean fund for that poor boy!

  8. GhostRose Says:

    Whoa! What happened to that guys jeans? Did someone tie him to a moving truck? 🙂 Great pictures.

    That was a GROSS rat story. Why did the person want to take it home for his cat to play with in the first place? That on its own is quite sick, considering all the vile things it might have died of…

  9. Red7Eric Says:

    Ew. That story was so gross I couldn’t even appreciate the pictures I scrolled through to get to the “comments” link. Ew. Ew. Ew.

  10. The Persian Says:

    wow, that ripped jeans picture is really hawt! I have a pair kind of like those, started out with a bleach hole and then now its like the size of a dollar bill. (I only wear them when I am alone walking around the house, but they could prove to be fun!)

    You didn’t really pick up a dead rat did you? lol

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