Veteran’s Day

The street sounds to the soldiers’ tread,
And out we troop to see:
A single redcoat turns his head,
He turns and looks at me.

My man, from sky to sky’s so far,
We never crossed before;
Such leagues apart the world’s ends are,
We’re like to meet no more;

What thoughts at heart have you and I
We cannot stop to tell;
But dead or living, drunk or dry,
Soldier, I wish you well.

-A. E. Housman

To get the background for this story, read Part I here.
Whenever it’s time for me to take the car, Jim picks me up after work and takes me home with him. After dinner and a movie, I take their car, a Sedan de Ville, home. As it’s a thirty minute drive to their house, it’s usually pretty late by the time I reach my front door.
On the way home, I wondered whether it was riding a little softer than usual, but didn’t think much of it. I didn’t even look at it when I arrived home, thinking I would check it in the morning.
When I did check the tire in the morning, it was almost completely flat.
No problem, I just popped the trunk to pull out the spare, only to discover that the spare was flat also, with a gash along the side.
As my home adjoins my workplace, I simply walked to work and waited until the evening to deal with it.
After work, I pulled out the bicycle pump, and got enough air in the tire to make it last the mile and a half to the Quick Mart, where there was an air machine.
Sure enough, the last block or so I drove on the rim, praying that I hadn’t shredded the tire beyond salvage.
I spent a good half hour at the air pump vainly trying to fill the tire with air, until a truck pulled up beside me with two nice looking young men in it.
Exercising my small town manners, I stood up to say hello to them as they alit from the cab of the truck.
Part III coming soon…
Featuring Large and Furry Men…

This mechanic makes “Hose” Calls…

Can’t keep his hands off him…

Hangin’ out in the neighborhood together, seein’ the sights…

This chunk of fabulosity I dedicate to Michael G. and Mikey, two of my favorite blogger friends. Enjoy, fellas…

Notice how “Daddy” is hugging Junior in return… This is for Kalvin and JR, supergood bloggerbud’s as well.

This drives me crazy…

Be loved,




  1. Mikey Says:

    First of alll…again, you know me so well. BTW I bet he has a hairy ass as well!!! Second, guys and trucks equals a hard on.

  2. Michael Guy Says:

    OH my! His nipples make me nervous! ditto: hairy ass, for sure. I’d wear this fur coat on an icy day here.

  3. Foxy Stone Says:

    Out here in the highlands you see a number of men like #2…. and they all drive me crazy… I love something to grab onto for a fun time!

  4. Sober @ Sundown Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Looking forward to reading part III, and your special edition for Women loving Women.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. The Persian Says:

    that last photo drives me crazy as well.

    Oh and hurry up with part III!


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