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I was up early, dressed and ready to go when Michael showed up early next morning. Whereas last night he had looked scruffy and somewhat unkempt, this morning was a different story. He looked to be 5’9″ and slender, blond with no facial hair, looking as freshly scrubbed as a choirboy. The big surprise was that he was wearing only a pair of onion skins and flip flops.
I was starting to realize why perhaps he had been willing to do so much for me.
Perhaps there was something he was wanting me to do for him.
I just wanted Jim and Hollie’s car back in one piece, and was counting the possible cost.
It didn’t take very long at the shop to diagnose and fix the problem. The tire that Michael was attempting to put on the rim was too small. They sold me a used tire for ten dollars and mounted it, and we were on our way.
When we met back at the house, he invited me in for a cup of coffee before I left.
As we sat at his kitchen table, he talked on, first about his wife, then about his dog. He talked about how he would take cats from a neighbor’s yard, tying it to a stake out in the desert, then turning his dog loose on it. I had felt alarms faintly ringing in the back of my head since I had met this man, but I began to realize that Michael was truly turned on by extreme violence and death. He spoke glowing of his father, who had almost beaten a man to death, and I saw the way he drew his breath in when he spoke of it. It was the way a man draws in his breath when he’s very hot and wants to conceal it.
Sometimes in a situation like that I forget to be afraid, when fear would be the normal human response. I fall into a fascination with observing the phenomenon of human behavior, and just want to study what makes this person tick.
I believe he mistook my rapt attention for excitement.
It was when he moved on to describing how his dog would grab cows by the nose and hold on while they thrashed in pain that I noticed his hard on sticking out of his shorts.
A cold, clammy feeling rose up in my stomach as he shifted in his seat to get more comfortable.
Actually, I think he was comfortable already; he just wanted to make sure I saw his hard on. I think he believed at that point that I was ready to do him a favor in return for his favors to me.
It was at that precise moment that I abruptly stood up to leave.
He looked a little disappointed, but as I outweighed him by a solid sixty pounds, he didn’t protest.
I was glad he didn’t have an ice pick handy. I don’t really think he would have done violence to me, but it just didn’t seem right to have sex with somebody who has to think of animals being dismembered to get an erection(That’s called an understatement, kids).
I thanked him as I headed for the door, and we exchanged the usual blather of “Let’s get together sometime”.
It’s the first time I’ve ever met someone that I really believed could do what Jeffrey Dahmer did. I now think I have a little bit of understanding how a person becomes like that.
When Jim and Holly got back in town, they just laughed. I still love them.
I’m just thankful I saw it in time. I don’t want to think what it would be like to break up with a guy like that.
Men in Onionskins…and related wear
Each of these shots demonstrates a feature of Michael that morning.

The face…

The bulge…

The muscled torso

The silky Onionskins…

The studied nonchalance…

Be loved,



  1. GhostRose Says:

    🙂 Your MIchael sounds nice. Does he look like any of those pictures apart from the loincloth?

  2. Mikey Says:

    I am glad you realized when you did!!!! Nobody better harm my Daniel!!!!

  3. Michael Guy Says:

    WHY do I read your posts at work!? #2 pic makes me want to get comfortable, too. BTW: In all seriousness, you are a lucky man to have walked away from a potentially dangerous situation. Remind me to post about the one and only time I got into a stranger’s car in the big city for a quick–and chilling–ride to nowhere.

  4. joey Says:

    Holy crap! Words fail me. I’m glad you had the cool sense to get the f out of there.

  5. Em Says:

    God, Daniel. That is both scary and horrifying.

  6. Foxy Stone Says:

    ah men in shorts… with something peeping out… and i am glad that you are a smart wolf and can sniff out danger… there are lots of mean ppl out there

  7. Enemy of the Republic Says:

    Sorry I haven’t been here recently. Work and then I went to a conference. I promise to read this series of blogs–looks excellent!

  8. The Persian Says:

    forget the bulge, look at that FACE!! woah.

    That guy was freaky, I would have been out of there by the cat/dog comment.


  9. john Says:

    Pretty scary stuff. Glad you got out of it unharmed.

  10. john Says:

    Pretty scary stuff. Glad you got out of it unharmed.

  11. Greg Says:

    I’m glad you made it away from him with such poise and calm. I probably would have freaked when he mentioned tying the cats to the tree.

  12. Maddog Says:

    Dangerous men are so sexy. Unfortunately it’s best to stay far, far away from them

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