So Aaron comes in a couple of weeks ago with his Father to rent a storage space. It turns out they need it that day, which usually means someone is moving under duress. But the Dad looks like he’s good for the money, so I go ahead and do business with them. Aaron looks interesting. He’s Hispanic, fit, and maybe in his early twenties. He speaks like he’s had some university. I tried to scope him out without being too obvious, which for me means keeping my jaw from dropping. I filed him away under “Possibilities”, and left it at that.
Yesterday I walked down to the Dollar Store to pick up supplies and lo and behold, Aaron has just gotten a job there.
After we say “Hi”, his first words to me were, “So, you got a haircut”.
That’s not the usual guy thing to say to someone you barely know.
This excited me, so I respond with a lame joke about how it looks better short first thing in the morning, “I don’t like to scare the people I wake up with”.
His immediate rejoinder is, “Oh, do you have someone at home?”, to which I answer, “Oh no, it’s just me”. He’s now wearing an almost imperceptible smile. He looks nice when he smiles.
He shifts the topic to living with his dad, which drives him crazy, and how as soon as he gets paid he will be getting his own place.
So I let him know that when ever he needs to get away from dad, he’s welcome to come over.
It’s around this stage that the fight or flight mechanism takes over with me. I run out of small talk, and I’m faced with a choice; either lunge at him or turn and quietly leave.
I tell him I’m glad I ran into him again, and as I’m turning to go, he breaks in with, “So what DVD are you getting?”.
Delighted, I tell him,”Alexander, it came out a year or two ago.”
(You know, the one where Colin Farrell makes out in the middle of it?).
I didn’t say that, but I think every gay guy in America knows about that kiss. That’s the only reason I got the DVD, because the rest of the movie is like a bad History Channel production.
The manager rudely breaks in and takes Aaron away at this point. It’s something about some work or something he wants him to do. Selfish bastard.
As I’m checking out my two or three items that I got just as a cover story, Aaron receives a call on his cell phone.
His skin turns pale under that gorgeous coffee colored complexion.
It’s a girl, his former room mate. He looks at me as he stresses “room mate”. I think I’m the only one there who gets it. She owes him four months of back rent, and he hasn’t spoken with her since she bailed out and left him to deal with the landlord.
He’s kind of freaked out at this point, so I turn into the Protector, “You can come over to my place if you need to hide out”, making a just-us-guys joke out of it.
Then he tells me the story, and I make all the appropriate soothing noises.
I’m guardedly hopeful.
What do you think?
Coffee Colored Heat…

So, you wanna go somewhere?

You wanna what?

Jus’ checkin’ out my bidness.

So, you live nearby?

I like to get a little drunk and mess around a little.

And maybe mess around a little more.

Be loved,



11 Responses to “AARON”

  1. Mikey Says:

    WooHoo!!! Daniel may get laid!!! Good for you my friend! If he does come over…I want ALL the details!!!

  2. Kalvin Says:

    I’m confused by the end. “she bailed him out” or “she owes him four months back rent” don’t seem to somehow work together. What did you do with your hair? That’s a fascinating thing to me. Hopefully all will go well. There’s nothing wrong with cautious optimism, so long as you keep yourself safe!

  3. tornwordo Says:

    Sometimes the journey is better than the destination. Enjoy the journey my friend.

  4. TigerYogi Says:


    Please do keep us posted if anything develops!

  5. BarbaraFromCalifornia Says:

    It is more what do you think?

    I love the name Aaron…my favorite for a male.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Em Says:

    I think hubba, hubba.

    Have fun!

  7. Red7Eric Says:

    I think that guardedly optimistic is a good stance for you right now … more optimistic than guarded, perhaps.

  8. matt Says:

    …I think someone is going to have a date in the near future!!!


    Sending many postive thoughts for a fun time with a nice dude!


  9. Foxy Stone Says:

    It sounds as if Aaron can use a buddy, and a bit of ego boosting. The ‘girlfriend’ must have cut deeply.

    Good luck on the nascent friendship.

  10. Lemuel Says:

    It sounds as if you have your own version of Mr. Swarthy! Nice!

  11. The Persian Says:

    yikes Chicken 🙂 I steer clear of anyone under 30, but that’s just me.


    He sounds adorable in any case.

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