Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. I think the main reason is that the rules are so simple. Everybody gets together and eats until they can eat no more, and we are all reminded that we should be thankful. Then we hose off the dirty dishes and plop down onto the sofa to pretend we’re watching football or some other equally noisy sport. That’s if you’re straight. If you’re gay, the sports is probably figure skating, and it’s a backdrop to a lively discussion of who’s screwing who, and who should be thankful they’re getting screwed at all.
I’m thankful that I discovered blogging. I live in a dry and arid land(in more ways than one), and through blogging I’ve developed friendship with many men and women who I might otherwise never have had the opportunity to meet.
I want to name some of those that I’ve met along the way.

Jim the Persian Guy, who encouraged me, and who strives for excellence and integrity in every area of his life.

Tornwordo of Sticky Crows, whose detachment and irony are far outweighed by the gentleness of his heart.

Kalvin of Hello Waffles,who is passionate and cares about people.

Nathan of Nathan Exposed, who is noble, forgiving and kind.

Ur-Spo of Spo Reflections, an open and brave heart, who dances on the tight wire of life.

Scotty of Lone Wolf In The Highlands/Two Inches of Formica, who was wild enough to break free from the pen he was caged in, and wise and loving enough to return.

Joshua at Gay Men Rule, a GreatHeart who I sometimes suspect is one of the 36 hidden saints whose prayers uphold the world.

Mikey at Captain Caveman’s blog,who is shy and bold, sacred and profane, ancient in wisdom, innocent as a child, a remarkable man whom I admire.

JR, of Memoirs of a Gay Chia,who has the courage to be himself, which is all the courage one will ever need.

Em of Amusing Perhaps, who is so gentle even I can receive her wisdom and compassion.

Hans of Castor’s Diary, who hates injustice with a fiery passion that is fueled by love.

Susan of Cruel Virgin, who is blunt, bold and truthful.

There are many others, but I wanted to give these a special “thank you” today. Some I know better than others, but all of these have added to my life, just by their presence in it.
They are kind and generous people, and I’m grateful to life that I’ve gotten to know them.

Things to be thankful for…..

Something for which the Pilgrims should have been Much more thankful.

These two photos are brought to you courtesy of HAIRYBEARS, a new friend. Let’s make sure he’s not lonely, and go say Hi.

Find a friend, and give thanks.

Be loved,



13 Responses to “THANKSGIVING”

  1. Ur-spo Says:

    happy thanksgiving to you, and thankyou for the kind word.

  2. Joshua Says:

    Happy Turkey Day, Daniel! Wow, what kind words – not sure what to say except that I sit on the toilet and shit like everyone else! LOL

    A long time ago my Grandmother said that to me – when she noticed me idolizing someone. She said, “That person is not worthy of all that attention! Next time you are obsessing and worshipping that star – envision him sitting on the toilet taking a dump. He’s human like the rest of us” LOL

  3. Foxy Stone Says:

    thank you for the shout out… I love men in kilts, especially when they’re hiding some hot buns under the fabric.

    happy thanksgiving to you as well Daniel.

  4. The Persian Says:

    That was really Sweet Daniel, thank you for those kind words buddy. I enjoyed reading the entire list.

    Love ya!!

    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  5. Enemy of the Republic Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend!

  6. Enemy of the Republic Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend!

  7. Mikey Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, my longest blogging friend. Thank you for sharing your life, introducing me to my best friend, cheering me on and most of all, being a true friend to me!

  8. Maddog Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your day was filled with wonderful friends and delicious food.

  9. Em Says:

    Daniel, I smiled secretly and felt loved when I read your words. I wish I could hug you.

  10. tornwordo Says:

    Right back at you my friend. Hope you had a lovely holiday.

  11. Shaney Says:

    Happy Thankgiving Babe!!

  12. Nathan Says:

    A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you, ya ol’ bear!

    I am thankful to have met you, also! You have a heart bigger than this world, you have inspired me so much when it comes to being kind to others, and you are passionate about your viewpoints. You are an admirable person, and I’m proud to be your friend. 🙂

  13. Thamzel Says:

    Beautiful one chance

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