The nut cases seem to have taken over in Colorado.
Lisa Jensen, who lives in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, put up a pretty wreath on the side of her home. It was your standard Christmas wreath, but it had a peace sign woven into the design.

It looks pretty sinister, doesn’t it? Evidently the Loma Linda Homeowners Association thinks so. Lisa has been ordered to take down the wreath, or pay $25 for every day it remains up. The President of the Association, Bob Kearns, says that he had 3 or 4 complaints. Some thought it was satanic, and some thought she was protesting the war against Iraq. And evidently, some think it’s satanic to protest the war against Iraq.

Now it gets good. There’s an architectural control committee, made up of the five members of the Association who can actually read, that are supposed to decide on all matters like this. The problem was presented to them, and they decided that the wreath was neither satanic or political, and ruled that it could stay up.

Kearns fired them.

On the link, there’s an inset where you can vote on whether Lisa should get to keep her wreath up. What is appalling is that fully ten per cent of the voters side with the Association.

This concerns me.

Be loved,




  1. M@ Says:

    hmm… let’s see if we can get into the SPACIOUS head of that 10%…

    peace sign = co-opted hippie symbol
    hippie = anti-establishment
    establishment = christian

    therefore, peace is anti-christian and therefore satanic. God has clearly spoken and wants us to attack all non-christians… but totally not in an “Al Queda” way because God preached peace… wait, um… I’m confused.

    Thank you for playing “Six Degrees of Stupidity”

  2. Greg Says:

    Perhaps those in the association should take down their nativity scenes as they are anit-Muslim and anti-Buddhist.

    It’s a peace symbol, for crying out loud!!!

  3. Kalvin Says:

    This is absolutely out of control. The peace sign is satanic? I have to say that I think that I’m glad to have left suburbia.

  4. Sober @ Sundown Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    How did you finish that blues song? I can’t find it……

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. Mikey Says:

    Every time I see a peace sign, I automatically think of the old coke commercial where hundreds of people (who are drinking coke)sing on the hilltop…
    I’d like to build the world a home
    And furnish it with love
    Grow apple trees and honey bees and snow-white turtle doves

    I’d like to teach the world to sing
    In perfect harmony
    I’d like to hold it in my arms and keep it company
    I’d like to see the world for once
    All standing hand in hand
    And hear them echo through the hills “Ah, PEACE throughout the land”

    OK>>>I just proved I am strange and that I use to watch too much TV…These people have to get a life and concentrate on more serious issues than a bunch of dead branches in the shape of a peace sign!

  6. Em Says:

    sigh. Tell you what, the Good Vibrations catalog just came today. I’m gonna look at sex toys and ignore the darned ignorance of the so called Christians.

    I’m pretty sure that even Jesus would hate them.

  7. tornwordo Says:

    They sure know how to get into the spirit! The spirit of sanctimoniousness.

  8. Lemuel Says:

    I remember in the 1970’s, after returning from a trip to Germany, I was showing my slides to a church group. One slide was a picture of a scene of (then) West Berlin. It included a picture of a building with a large Mercedes-Benz logo on the roof.

    The rural conservative, pro-war (Vietnam) idiots went ballistic that this building had a “satanic peace sign”.

    (regarding the California wreath) Ah, yes! how sad!

  9. Foxy Stone Says:

    it sounds like mob rule, or at least a religious autrocracy

  10. Nathan Says:

    That is so stupid… or should I say stooopid?

    Unfortunately, some neighborhood associations are created merely to take money and be bullies. And because of the contracts we sign when we buy a house, we are legally obligated to the association.

    It’s bullying, plain and simple. Lisa pays her fees just like everyone else, I hope she fights back.

  11. thephoenixnyc Says:

    This story is one in a long line of “Freedom Fries” stories that is making it difficult to sustain my beleif in the common sense, tolerance and pragmatism of the average American. You should the latest hoo-ha from Chicago. It on my blog.

  12. Maddog Says:

    It’s a scary, scary place that we live. I’m glad to read that’s she’s keep the wreath up on principle. Good for her.

  13. The Persian Says:

    Are people really that stupid?


  14. Red7Eric Says:

    I always thought that the “Prince of Peace” was the Jesus guy and the “Prince of Darkness” was the Satan guy.

    So … this is a peace sign … with lights on it. How is that Satanic again?

  15. Foxy Stone Says:

    it has always been my position that the govt wants to keep us stupid and mean… stupid enough to think that a peace sign is satanic… and mean enough to make someone give up their individuality… and in consequence freedom…

    it concerns me too

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