It’s time for a reprise of everyone’s favorite game, Platonic Or Not.
The purpose of the game is to decide who’s just thinking about it, and who’s actually set sail on the sea of love. You can vote as many times as you want, for whoever you want. We’ll tally things up in a day or so, and discuss it together.

#1-Steamy Guys: I think these two guys run the steam engines, because they’re generating a Lot of heat.

#2-Serenity Now Guys: The fellow on the left is trying so hard to look all butch, and the little blond guy beside him is so happy his eyes are glazing over.

#3-Style Guys: I love the “Army boots with underwear” look.

#4-Intense Guys: There’s just a lot going on here. If I look too long at this, I start getting dizzy.

#5-Bathing Boys: It’s one message from the neck up, but below the neck they’re all tangled up in each other.

#6-Innocent Guys: Is it possible for such innocent joy to last?

#7-Hunting Partners: Yeah, and I’m pretty sure I know what they’re hunting, too.

#8-Friendly Farmboys: At least one of the two looks really happy to be here.

#9-Touchy Feely Boys: Note the position of the hands.

Of course, all of this is just a fun way of reminding ourselves that everyday people are beautiful in love. Be sure to comment and tell us what you think.

Be loved,



13 Responses to “FRIENDS AND LOVERS”

  1. Elizabeth McClung Says:

    I vote – all platonic of course! What, is it possible for guys to feel that way about guys?

    Seriously – you might like a film called “Out under fire” in which gay filmmaker Arthur Dong (so, that’s his real name) interviews gays and lesbians from WWII.

  2. Em Says:

    I’ll bet you think I’m gonna reprise my catty comment about the boots and underwear. Nope. No way.

    #4 is amazing. God. Well, here goes.
    1 No.
    2 Not yet.
    3 Okay, I can’t help it. I’m just too distracted by the look to make any pronouncement on this one.
    4 Hubba hubba.
    5 It’s all below the waist. By which I mean, yes.
    6 God, how cute! I’m going to say yes, mainly because of the huge distance between their waists.
    7 Yes, and loving it!
    8 Is it possible these guys are brothers? Note the flappy ears. They certainly look intimate…
    9 Wow, the look in the seated guy’s eyes. Yes.

    I like your last sentiment a lot.

  3. Butchieboy Says:

    All gay as fuck.

  4. Michael Guy Says:

    #9 has some ‘splaining to do, Lucy…

    #8 is real love. A tender love. Makes me sad for some odd reason.

    Nice post.

  5. Ur-spo Says:

    it’s been a week, but blogger won’t let your blog ‘light up’ on my laptop – I keep knocking but no one lets me in…..
    and just in time; my favorite!
    They are all light in the loafers except for #5 they’re just friends.

  6. The Persian Says:

    I don’t know where you find these! Wow.

    I’m with Butchie, except maybe #6 & #8, not completely convinced.


  7. Red7Eric Says:

    1: Gay
    2: Gay
    3: Gay
    4: Gay
    5: Gay
    6: Straight and clueless
    7: Gay on the left, “curious” on the right
    8: Gay
    9: REALLY gay.

  8. matt Says:

    Um, I think #’s 4, 5 and 9 are lovers. But, you know — I am almost willing to bet some money that the individual on the left (in hat) in #7 is female. However, either way — even if it should be a dude — they are lovers.

    I’d say the others are just pals.

    However, I do suck at this stuff.

    But, I so see many story ideas in this shots.

  9. Knottyboy Says:

    I love the intimacy of these pics. Hands, chests and the obvious position of which way the knob is pointing is usually a great indication to the subliminal desire for another. Some of these are deliciously and quietly intimate.

  10. Kalvin Says:

    OH my, this time I think they are all gay. Every last single one.

  11. Greg Says:

    I would think that they’re all gay. And if not, some of them are just way too close to one another.

  12. matty Says:

    Daniel — do you know who are lovers and who are not? Am so curious about a couple of the pictures!

  13. Foxy Stone Says:

    i don’t care if they are platonic or not… who can say how the heart has sinned with the mind in multidimentional thoughts of union with the soul
    haven’t we all, like former president carter sinned in our thoughts at one time or another

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