It’s results time, and the voice of the people has been heard! If you remember the game is to decide which couples have taken their feelings to bed, and which ones are still thinking about it. There are no right or wrong answers, we just want to know what you think. Let’s see what everybody said.

#1-Steamy Guys: #1-I’ve had dreams of guys leaning over my shoulder and breathing on my neck like that. Honestly, I can’t imagine these guys don’t have something in the oven. But, the people have spoken.
60% for
40% against

#2-Serenity Now Guys: Most of you felt the same about these two fellows.
60% for
40% against.

#3-Style Guys: One reader gave some good advice: Notice where the knobs are pointing. Both these boys have plainly noticeable knobs. It’s kind of sweet, really. These boys may not have done the deed, but I’m positive that all it would take is one really cold night in a pup tent to get them over the hump, so to speak.
70% for
30% against

#4-Intense Guys: These two…They’ve gone someplace really special. I really believe they’ve got what most of us dream about, because these men look like they’ve identified with each other body and soul.
90% for
10% against

#5-Bathing Boys: One thing I noticed that struck me as very poignant was the injured leg of the fellow on the left. At some point his leg was horribly mangled. His friend also looks a little dinged up.
Perhaps some of their intimacy is born of pain. They’re both very protective of each other, which I find very touching.
70% for
30% against

#6-Innocent Guys: I don’t know why, but this couple calls forth really strong feelings from me, almost as though I want to keep them from an impending tragedy. Whether they’ve consummated their friendship or not, there’s an innocence to the two that can’t be denied.
55% for
45% against

#7-Hunting Partners: This one is a little more unusual. One reader thought the character on the left might be a girl, and another reader thought we might have a gay on the left and a Bi/curious on the right.
Personally, I think Bi/curious means that he just hasn’t come out yet, but it adds an interesting nuance to the discussion. I wondered if the one on the left might not be a girl, too. I decided not for several reasons, the first being that the hands and collarbone look more masculine. The second is that hardly any woman in this era would allow herself to be photographed draped around a man. Male/female photographs hardly ever show man and women touching, even with married couples. But it’s still an open question. Personally, I think the only thing they’re hunting for is a quiet spot in the woods, where they won’t be disturbed for a while, because they definitely have some bidness to attend to.
75% for
25% against.

#8-Friendly Farm Boys: These two are really sweet. One reader thought they might be brothers, which is a possibility. The older boy on the right looks out for his younger buddy. I think one of the main things that I love about all of these is the protection and care these men and boys show for each other. There’s an understated tenderness in almost all of these shots that’s very rare.
60% for
40% against

#9-Touchy Feely Boys: These guys have got it going on, no doubt about it. They’re riding the white horse every chance they get. Even though it may be slightly in the background, along with the physical ease of relating, these two guys obviously take a deep satisfaction and pleasure in being with each other. More than with most of our couples, there’s a sense that these two have seen a lot of life together, and they’re in it for the long haul.
90% for
10% against

I wish I had the definite history for each of these couples, but I don’t. One reader pointed out that all we can do is look at them closely for the stories they can tell us. I think that’s what I love to do the most, is to try to see into their lives as much as possible, to see if maybe a little of their light will reflect into my own.
Thanks for playing.

Be loved,



  1. Kalvin Says:

    I have to say that I still love the last photo, but I never noticed those sandals, so strange. I think my favorite part about it is the ease and comfort that they seem to have with each other, and the understated naughtiness, and hooray more smoking too, how could I have missed that!?

  2. thephoenixnyc Says:

    I think the people are most wise. #4 is definitely the most, ahem, sweet of them all.

    Great post.

  3. Stepping Over the Junk Says:

    This makes me smile…and chuckle a little. Yes, it would be fabulous to know their stories!

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