Appearances Deceive…

In America, more people die from complications of being underweight than from being overweight. The tragic farce is that most of the dangerously underweight are that way because of the fear of being overweight.
I sometimes wonder if we use our appearances to conceal what we fear rather than reveal what we love, which might explain something about our love/hate relationship with blubber.
Ancient Hygiene…

This may be of interest to aficionados of water sports. In the era of the Roman Empire, mouthwash was made of urine, because of the bacteria killing properties of the ammonia it contained. Even today, in some tribal cultures, urine is used for medicinal purposes.
Although medical people don’t recommend it, we’re told that in a normally healthy person, urine is not dangerous or unhealthy. Even so, I personally can’t see it. That’s probably just my own bias.
Water sports seems to be one of those subjects taboo for discussion. Even though I know several bloggers who participate, everyone is quite circumspect in their references to it. What do you think? Is this disgusting or fun? Safe or unsafe?
Giving Thanks…


Soft regularity of heart beat,
Sensed rather than felt,
Miraculous in your humanity,
In you beats the heart
Of the universe.

Be loved,



3 Responses to “MISCELLANEA”

  1. Maddog Says:

    I was involved with some one about 5 years ago who liked water sports so I played along. It didn’t turn me on, but it also didn’t disgust me. In the big scheme of things there are far worse things you could be doing.

  2. Nathan Says:

    Interesting bit of info there.

    I think of urine as the items your body has rejected and filtered out. If your body rejected it, why would you want to put it back in?

    But all that aside, I do understand that some people are into it, and this mouth rinse idea is probably pretty hot to them 😀

  3. Kalvin Says:

    Urine is wonderful…I think we are totally divorced from nature. What do you think people did with waste for years? What about people burning cow crap as fuel. We have become so sanitized that it’s just silly.

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