He only came in to let me know that he had something on me. He staged it as carefully as a Broadway production, hoping to surprise me into an unguarded response.
Standing in the middle of my living room, he revealed to me that he had discovered I was a Minister!
He was so deeply disappointed that I wasn’t undone by his super sleuthing, that I didn’t even care, in fact.
I do still carry credentials, although if Chip follows his impulses, I probably won’t have them too much longer.
Oh well, I get better parking using the special sticker. And there are times I can help more effectively in various situations because of a license.
When all is said and done, despite everything the church has done to screw up Christianity (and they’ve done a lot, let me tell you), I still think that Jesus is amazing.
Very crestfallen, Chip left. I decided to look myself up, to see how quickly this compromising information came up.
This guy had to look through seven full pages of Google responses before he got to that tidbit.
Seven (7) pages.
As much as I’ve tried to keep my identity quiet simply because I live in a small town, there are things out there about me that baffle me. I have no idea how some of this stuff made it onto the internet, or where it came from.
And Chip has way too much time on his hands.
My Top Google Searches of the Week

“buy a ghost town”- Where I live.

deserts Glbt-Gay deserts. I can relate.

song lyrics- all the boys think she’s a spaz she’s got-It’s that cool Bette Davis Eyes song.I can’t believe how many people think the song says she’s a spaz. She’s a spy, dammit! Of course, I don’t think Kim Carnes strong point as a singer was proper enunciation. I think she skipped Diction class, and went right on to Scotch and Cigarettes 101.

the bubals- Google these guys if you have a strong stomach.

“general Sherman” “left handed”- No clue.

hairybears- At least this one makes sense.

Bubal tribe- Evidently those Big balled Bubals are all over the internet these days. I hope they have a good PR man.

nico chelsea blogspot-My love, Nico.

+”lads on the beach” naked OR nude- I highly recommend this search. Really. Highly.

“Bumpy Night” lyrics- There is no lyric for “Bumpy Night”. It’s a Bette Davis quote from “All About Eve”.

sticky crows blog- I can’t help but feel a little funny about this. They’re looking for Torn’s blog, and coming up with mine. Thanks Torn, I didn’t do it on purpose.

theguy(Google Korean)- I’m hitting the Asian markets now.

bubal (Google Greek)- You know you’ve hit the big time when the Greeks are looking you up.
Men Searching…

Be loved,


P.S. South Africa rocks. You know why.


6 Responses to “STALKERS”

  1. Kalvin Says:

    I love that black and white photo. God I’m such a sucker for that Bruce Weber/Herb Ritts look. Curse them both! And nice to hear about your stalker. It kind of shows the power of coming out. Well, maybe. And yes, South Africa does rock, indeed.

  2. tornwordo Says:

    That’s a pretty diverse group of links. Kinda funny too, lol.

  3. Red7Eric Says:

    Wow, a minister. Of what denomination? And yes, who’da thunk that South Africa would be a model of civil rights? Amazing. Love thyself, E.

  4. Lemuel Says:

    Interesting encounter with “Chip”. I’m not too far from playing a similar script. Best wishes to you!

    I do need to learn not to open your blog at work – as much as I enjoy it! LOL!

  5. john Says:

    People who have too much time on their hands have their own skeletons in the closet. In order to hide their’s further, they must pull everyone else’s out.
    I’m not sure if that analogy made sense.

  6. thephoenixnyc Says:

    Interesting. I hope this guy doesn’t try to blackmail you or anything.

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