We have one computer in my office, a Mac Performa of unknown pedigree, OS 7.5.6, almost twenty years old. All files are shared by zip disk, as we have no internet connection. This is just fine with me since our bookkeeping needs are minimal. However, time has taken it’s inevitable toll on my venerable hard drive.
Yes, my tiny Mac has finally bit the dust. Fortunately for us, everything was captured on the Zip drive just the day before, so hardly anything was lost. As far as office work, the only problem is that paperwork is building up while we dither around deciding to actually spring for another computer. When we do get another computer in here, it might take me all of a half hour to get the bookkeeping caught up, if I don’t have to take a break. We’re toying around with the idea of using an old Mac LC that’s been gathering dust in a back room for a while, as it’s an even earlier model than the Performa. That promises to be a laugh riot.
A few month’s ago I could have gotten an OS 10.4 for $800, but passed it up, for which I could kick myself. It’s hard to believe that those old Mac LC’s and Performa’s(and even earlier the SE’s) were regarded as almost miraculous when they first came out.
About six or seven years ago, I administered a school network of Mac OS 7 workstations on a Novell server. What a bastardized situation that was! We were the second poorest school in the district, and the support we got from the Technical Department plainly reflected it. I learned a great deal about how not to network from that situation. But it was fun working with information systems, and making them work.
I’ve just realized I have no point to make today, no punch line even.
But here’s a link to the famous Mac ad that was aired during the 1984 Superbowl. It’s widely regarded as the best ad of the last fifty years.
I wish you a good day.
These just dropped into my lap, so to speak. Quite beautiful and dramatic, I thought I might share them with you. Enjoy…

Be loved,




  1. tornwordo Says:

    Twenty years of use sounds like you got your money’s worth.

  2. Lemuel Says:

    I got a chuckle about your discussion of a Mac. The course that I teach is overwhelmingly oriented toward WIntel PC’s (Windows). The course coordinator drew up specifications for the course project that the students must research. They must “buy” a computer for a fictional company based on the specs. The coordinator definitely assumed a Windows-based PC. Four of the five teams in my class chose a Mac!

  3. Nathan Says:

    Oh Daniel, a post about Macs really just warms my heart. You were working with a classic, a true classic 😀

    Well the $800 is still possible. You can get a Mac Mini for $600 and a generic brand monitor for $200. Problem solved.

    Whatever you get, I do hope you’ll stick with a Mac. They are truly the best computers on earth. I have a co-worker working with a $3000 laptop running Windows, and it crashes daily. Imagine spending $3k and still not being able to get a good computer!

    Oh and tell them to get high speed internet so we can chat more often too!

  4. Em Says:

    Your comment about the second poorest school in the district has caused my blood to boil. It really pisses me off that even in something that is supposed to be group driven like public school we Americans don’t know how to share. “It’ll be our downfall” ,she said darkly.

    Good luck on your computer troubles.

    Auntie Em (I call myself that all the time. Your comment made me laugh.)

  5. Kalvin Says:

    I’m so glad that I’m not doing anything professionally with computers. Well, being responsible for them in any case.

  6. Sober @ Sundown Says:

    I remember seeing that commercial when it first aired. It still is an awesome ad!

    Hope you are doing well, Daniel.

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