I ran out of words today. For the more visual among us, here are some vintage photos. I love these photos from another time and place. They evoke a feeling of a simpler time and place. It’s probably just an illusion. Perhaps we simply need a place to “put” our innocence for safekeeping. Years ago, a girl I was seeing insisted I go with her to Hawaii. After we got there, I found out she brought me there just to dump me. She had to go someplace out of the way to do it so she could leave the memory of it there. I didn’t mind her dumping me so much(I was faking it anyway), but I really minded cutting my vacation short. I love Hawaii.
Whether or not life was really simpler or kinder when these shots were taken, these vintage photos take me to a simpler, kinder place in my mind, a place I need to visit frequently, to remind me to bring simplicity and kindness into my life today.

Enjoy these photos. Some are professional posers, some are amateur, but all seem to enjoy being men. To me that’s enough to make them worth a look.

There’s an unforced intimacy between these two men as they share a casual private moment.

The legendary Jim Johnson, a posing star from the 60’s. I don’t know what you’re looking at, but I’m seeing the hands.

The dramatic foreshortening of the subject would normally be freakish, but this man’s supreme confidence catches our attention. Very unusual and powerful shot. For you, Scotty.

Who dared this young fellow to strip down to his jock strap and pose? I’d like to thank him.


Be loved,



2 Responses to “FOTO FEST”

  1. Bigg Says:

    They’re all pretty hot, but that last guy… woof indeed!

  2. The Persian Says:

    I love those vintage photos. There is something so much more beautiful and interesting than one like it from the present.

    Thanks for posting them.
    (The last one just might get me fired since I’m at work yikes!)

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