One of the talking heads over at WorldnetDaily has made a momentous discovery. Soy makes you gay. Talk Show hosts across America are conducting searches, trying to find possible victims to guest on their shows. James Dobson is scheduling a press conference to announce that he already knew it, and that the Bible forbids consumption of soy beans, calling them “beans of Satan”.
Well it’s no sillier than what the Chuckleheads at WorldNetDaily came up with. These guys, by the way, are somewhere to the right of Dobson and Phelps.
Their “expert” tells us that

“Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality. That’s why most of the medical (not socio-spiritual) blame for today’s rise in homosexuality must fall upon the rise in soy formula and other soy products.”

Incidentally, the author doesn’t cite one study or even an author to back up his claims. He must have gotten this information while reading tea leaves or something. His methodology is about that scientific.
I don’t claim to be unbiased about this. I despise soy products. I don’t care for tofu, although I will eat it. But absolutely under no conditions will I ingest soy milk or soy ice cream. Not ever. I will go without, thank you.
But I don’t think soy gets the credit for making me gay. I like to think that was just one of life’s happy gifts.
Now be good boys and girls and read the link. It will drive up their numbers, and you’ll get a good laugh.
Then go and have a soy snack. It’ll shrink your penis.
I link, therefore I am.
These are my new links. Each and every one is interesting and unique. Some I’ve known and loved for some time, and some are new friends. Please explore them all.

A MOI, andBO??Intelligent, witty French Blogs, with tons of gorgeous French guys. They’ve got that “Je ne se quoi” look that drives me wild.
Broken Whole A wonderful blog written by a fellow who knows how to burn the candle at both ends.
homo-superior Czech boys. ’nuff said. Fellow knows how to write.
Enuspride, and EvvivaMale, sister sites in Australia.
q u e e r l y * w r i t t e n. It just feels like home to me.
transmission.+08 A mysterious writer living in Kuala Lumpur, where they have a thriving blogging community. I seem to be read there, which fact I love.
umbrella. Intelligent, enigmatic and unapologetic, and always with something real to say.
The Pride Place. I love Shaney. I just love him. I want to take him home and introduce him to Mom.
temporary trouble spots. Judy Garland meets PeeWee Herman and parties. Have you seen my nipple clips?
Skinny Legs and All. Smart political and social comment with a sneaky wit.
Perge Modo. The perilously hip and sexy farmboyz.
Homer Sexual’s ExPatter. the sensitive ecological balance between punters and their rent boys.
Tales of Summer. I want to spend my summer at Joey’s place, where summer lasts for ever.
Through The Night By Moonlight. I love this guy’s vision.
LARRYTRONIC. The Incomparable Larry, often imitated, never duplicated. A true original, and a dangerously sensitive and perceptive man.

If I didn’t mention you, please let me know and I’ll correct it. Sometimes it takes a while for a link to get “picked up”.

And please always remember, I WHORE for links.
Because it’s just not complete without boys…..

Simply a nice boy, with a nice smile. He’s blushing prettily.

Just as sweet as honey.

It’s as though he just fell out of a Rembrandt painting. Bon Apetit!

I can smell the testosterone from here, and I’m pretty sure he knows it, and that he likes the attention.

Be loved,



6 Responses to “SOY MADE ME GAY”

  1. Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" Says:

    I feel so redundent… Next time, you and I should coordinate. I’ll wear the blue and you can don your taffeta.

    And I love Joey Destino too… Been a faithful reader for over a year now. I just wanna eat him up.

  2. Kalvin Says:

    A whore? I don’t know if I could say you were a whore for links…and why whore anyway? So what does testosterone smell like?

  3. Lemuel Says:

    FYI – It was nothing you said. 😉

    Maybe I can blame it on soy? Or maybe Blogger can blame it on soy.

    Anyway, thanks for the additional links. Just what I need, Daniel, more blogs that I like to consume my day.

    [Note to God: please extend the day (maybe Joshua can do it) so that I have more time to read blogs.]

    (Seriously, thanks, a lot of them look like great reads!)

  4. thephoenixnyc Says:

    I read the Soy story. I weep for our nation. Thanks for blogrolling me.


  5. Saboma Says:

    Well, Daniel, I’m not gay nor do I eat soy bean products. My connection here is laughing my freakin’ ass off!

    Thanks fella, you made my whole day complete!

  6. Greg Says:

    DEL, thanks for linking to Evviva. Just letting you know that it now has a new address:

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