Elizabeth of Screw Bronze tagged me for this.
I like knowing that I have at least three or four female readers who are able to set aside the “Ewww!” factor and check in on me from time to time. I’m learning to like females, just not sexually.

For most of my life, a sure fire way to make me uncomfortable was to say something along the lines of “Tell me about yourself”. I discovered pretty quickly that if I spoke truthfully of myself and my life I would be corrected and told that I should say this or that ritualized response. “Oh, don’t say that!”, or “You should say you’re great!”. My response was(and still is) usually along the lines of “Where the Sun don’t shine!”. I might say it a little more politely, but as they say, it’s the thought that counts.
It took me a long time to learn that in most social situations people don’t want to know, they want to be amused.
I loved the link in yesterday’s post precisely because of all the screw ups, this funny looking guy sitting on my sofa in his skid marked underwear, who can’t really sing on his best day.
Life’s like that.
I remember when as a child asking to go to the neighbors house, my grandmother would invariably ask if my underwear was clean. Even then I knew she was fighting a losing battle.
Life has skid marks. There’s really no getting away from it.
I know I haven’t figured life out yet. Anybody who says they have is selling something. We’re all just making it up as we go along.
Here we go:

1. Telephones scare me. I’ve been known to let my mother’s call go to the answering machine. I have only one friend I’ll pick up for every time. I prefer instant messaging to the telephone. I prefer face to face over the telephone as well. A year and a half ago I spent ten very frustrating weeks with a therapist. Eight weeks we met in his space, then we switched to phone sessions. It only took two weeks to grind to a miserable halt.
It causes real problems, though, when it comes to phone sex.
I think part of the problem is that I rely heavily on visual cues; facial expressions and body language are really important to me. I can get quite frustrated if I feel that I’m not being understood. I’m much more confident of being understood in written form than I am of being verbally understood. However, put me up in front of a crowd, and I’m set free. I love public speaking. I just regard it as performance art, and have fun with it. I can detect and direct the emotional flow of a crowd much better than with an individual.

2. I tend to wear the same outfit every day, for months on end. I always have two or three identical pairs of pants, usually Dockers. That way I can always be fresh, but still look the same. I allow for a little more variety with shirts, but not much. I’ll have three or four different shirts that I alternate between. I have several pair of shoes, but I invariably choose my “dressy” black hightops. I have twelve pair of identical socks. My everyday choice of drawers is fruit of the loom, but for special occasions I’ll introduce variety down there. I think I just enjoy not having to choose what I wear.

3. I learned to read freakishly early. I was reading on my own when I was three. My first book that was “my very own” was Mickey Mouse Builds a House. When I was six I was reading Russian novels(in translation) out loud to my grandfather. Most of my vocabulary came from reading. This caused some problems, because I would figure words out from reading them, but until I heard someone say the word, I would just guess at it. I thought “idiot” was pronounced “I diet” for years. I learned the word as it appeared on the page before I learned how it sounded.

4. I’m almost entirely internally compliant. I’m not particularly rebellious, but I’m only swayed by my own values. Some well meaning but very misguided people have from time to time tried to force me to conform to their notions. Those efforts have never met with success, as I will go to any lengths to resist the attempt. I’m simply not capable of allowing someone to think or feel for me. I’m just not very suggestible.

5. My favorite place to be in the whole world is on top of a mountain in the middle of an electrical storm. I was camping on a mountain, not paying attention to weather reports, and a friend and I got caught by a storm. I had never seen ball lightning before, but it’s awesome.

6. I taught myself how to write backward cursively, so that it looks correct when you hold the writing up to a mirror, after I learned that Leonardo Da Vinci wrote like that in his personal diaries.
Fun on the lighter side…

These two are clowning around I think, although the fellow sitting down looks like he’s done this before…

Younger brother plays the clown, but make no mistake, big brother is there to watch out for him. Just look in his eyes.

Just a boy and his dog.

Be loved,




  1. Lemuel Says:

    Nice list Daniel! I’m not sure I would want to be on a mountain with you in a thunder storm, but otherwise your are quite interesting.

    As for the pictures. I’ll take the boy AND his dog.

  2. Ur-spo Says:

    I got THROUGH today!
    I think my laptop has nervous breakdowns and doesn’t want to visit certain blogs-
    when I try to pull yours up I don’t get any of the contents.
    But tonight it worked!
    Glad to read you again!

  3. tornwordo Says:

    It’s my dream to see ball lightning one day. Did you know that you can create your own ball lightning with the microwave? It’s true. google it and you can find out how. (I didn’t do it, because it’s possible to damage the microwave in the process.)

  4. Foxy Stone Says:

    I too hate the phone, which dismays many of my friends. I also like to wear the same clothes. One the perks (the very few) of my old programming job was that i could wear jeans and tshirts to work every day.

    It used to give me such a thrill to pass men wearing suits and realize that I made twice as much as they did in a year. A hallow and petty thought, I know, but sometimes one has to grasp at straws for happiness

  5. Nathan Says:

    Those were all very interesting bits of information I didn’t know about you! I’m glad you shared the “weird” things.

  6. anabel Says:

    Hey, it’s one of your three or four female readers. Interestingly enough, there is no “Eww” factor. I have gained more appreciation for the male body from your site than I have anywhere else.

    Thanks, it’s been a bit of a revelation.

  7. Sober @ Sundown Says:

    I am glad you are learning to like females. I am trying with you males, too.

    I discovered at an early age that it was easier to write backwards cursively than it was to write forwards. I just heard this year that Da Vinci did this. You must be left-handed too.

  8. knottyboy Says:

    I’ve had little aspects of my personality turn into strange habits that are now well entrenched in my daily life. Eating apples, the toilet seat down and my kitchen sponge wrung out are just a few.

  9. matty03 Says:

    Awesome list!

    I, too, hate the phone. I really do. Never have understood why but I think it is for similar reasons as you: I like/need to see the other person face to face to fully understand and know that I am being understood.

    I wish I were as efficient with clothing — I wear too many and never can decide what I should wear.

  10. Yen Says:

    Internally compliant. I’m that way as well. I like the way that sounds. Great list. 🙂

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